Ah, memories.

Amazon.com and T-Mobile want your dusty old gadgets

Suddenly that old phone gathering dust in your drawer is in high demand. Amazon.com today expanded its existing trade-in program to include consumer electronics — offering gift cards to people who send in consumer electronics including tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS devices, and other items. The company previously limited trade-ins to DVDs, video games… Read More


Ericsson taking over management of Clearwire network, 700 employees making shift

Big move by Clearwire this morning, announcing that Ericsson will take over day-to-day management of the Kirkland company’s wireless 4G broadband network. Seven hundred Clearwire employees will transfer to Ericsson by mid-year as part of the seven-year deal with the Stockholm-based telecom services company — continuing Clearwire’s headcount reduction. It’s the latest step in a longstanding… Read More


Video: Mobile startup lets you listen to Twitter

Google News rolled out some new features last week, allowing mobile phone users to find relevant news tied to nearby locations. A Seattle startup by the name of iHear Network is taking that concept one step further, transforming text-based Tweets into an audio news stream of sorts. “It is basically like a location-based chat service,”… Read More

K.C. MacLaren

Q&A: Starbucks mobile exec on Android, mobile ordering

At some point in the future, you may be able to order that Mocha Coconut Frappucinno from your mobile phone. Mobile ordering is just one of the areas where Starbucks is spending some time experimenting, listening to customers and trying to deliver the right solutions. K.C. MacLaren, director of mobile and emerging platforms at Starbucks,… Read More


Are iPads mobile devices? A few experts weigh in

Are iPads and other tablet computers mobile devices? That was one of the lively discussions today at the MobileNorthwest conference in Seattle. Starbucks director of mobile K.C. MacLaren got things rolling in a morning keynote when he said that tablets are not considered mobile devices in his mind given their large form factor. MacLaren’s remarks led to… Read More

One of the mobile point-of-sale devices being tested by Nordstrom -- an iPod touch with sled attachment. (Photo courtesy Nordstrom)

Nordstrom testing iPods, other devices for checkout

Seattle-based retailer Nordstrom mentioned during its annual shareholders meeting yesterday that it has been testing mobile point-of-sale devices at its Bellevue and Seattle stores, to reduce wait times for customers checking out with credit cards. It’s not a new concept in retailing, of course, but when the customer-service icon adopts a new technology, it’s worth… Read More


Confirmed: Qik will become part of Microsoft, too

Hey, for $8.5 billion, you’d expect a little extra as part of a deal, and it turns out that Microsoft’s Skype acquisition will include a bonus in the form of Qik, the streaming mobile video company acquired by Skype for $121 million this year. Microsoft today confirmed that Qik will come along with the Skype… Read More


Clearwire slaps Rover into oblivion

Remember Rover, the youth-oriented pay-as-you-go wireless service that Clearwire launched last summer? Probably not. And now you may never get a chance to use it.  Clearwire is pulling the plug on the Gen Y-focused Rover brand, including the Rover Puck portable hotspot brand which provides wireless broadband connections to as many eight devices. The company said that… Read More


Whoops: T-Mobile overestimates potential severance for ‘large number’ of employees

Somebody at T-Mobile USA is having a not very good day. Actually, make that lots of somebodies. Employees at the Bellevue-based wireless company, having only recently recovered from the surprise of AT&T’s proposed $39 billion acquisition, have now been informed that T-Mobile miscalculated many of the severance estimates designed to help persuade them to stick… Read More


Unpleasant Horse arrives on the iPhone … ‘uncensored’

4th & Battery’s first mobile game, Unpleasant Horse, is now available in Apple’s app store, and it arrives “totally uncensored,” according to the studio. You may recall that Apple rejected the game — the first title from PopCap Games’ newly-launched studio — three weeks ago for unknown (and somewhat mysterious) reasons. In a Tweet last… Read More


Nine-year-old boy gets his wish, creates an iPhone game

Most nine-year-old boys dream of meeting sports stars like Ichiro, Matt Hasselbeck or Kasey Keller. Not Owain Weinert. Weinert simply wanted to learn from the masterminds behind Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. As part of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the fourth grader at Loyal Heights Elementary School got a unique opportunity to develop his very own… Read More


Apple to iPhone customers: We’re not stalking you, but we do plan to fix a location ‘bug’

Apple is finally addressing criticism of location-based tracking technologies in the iPhone, a response that comes a week after the controversy broke. In a lengthy FAQ, Apple writes that it does not track the specific location of iPhone users but admits that the issues are “very complex” and “are hard to communicate in a soundbite.”… Read More


SignalSet lands $6M, looks to quickly switch mobile devices between GSM and CDMA networks

No matter what carrier you choose, wireless coverage oftentimes is spotty. But imagine if you could overlay the coverage of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile into one uber-network of sorts? That’s the promise of SignalSet, a 5-person Seattle upstart that’s developed technologies to intelligently route select devices on to wireless networks with the strongest signals…. Read More


Madrona incubates new mobile analytics startup Sewichi

Smartphones are now outselling personal computers. And that little factoid from IDC is creating an interesting opportunity to measure, track and analyze mobile data. A new startup called Sewichi — bankrolled by Madrona Venture Group and housed at the venture firm’s downtown Seattle office space — is looking to take advantage of that opportunity. Founder… Read More