Gov. Chris Gregoire

State saves nearly $1.7M by scrutinizing mobile phone use

And you thought your cell phone bill was getting out of control. Washington state agencies have saved nearly $1.7 million so far by scrutinizing mobile phone use by their employees, getting rid of unused devices, moving others to more efficient plans and pooling minutes. That’s the word this afternoon from Gov. Chris Gregoire, who last… Read More

Photo by Jim Legans Jr., via Flickr.

Poll: Are you still talking and texting behind the wheel?

The problem of talking and texting while driving was put back into the spotlight yesterday as the National Transportation Safety Board called for an unprecedented nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and other devices by drivers, even hands-free technology. Of course, this has been a known problem for quite a while — a… Read More


China Mobile to use Bsquare’s automated testing technology

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network operator, has signed on to use technology from Bsquare that automates the process of testing mobile handsets. The Bellevue-based technology company says China Mobile’s use of its Handset Certification Program will result in fewer glitches while getting devices to market faster. The automated process means mobile operators and… Read More


Prediction: Windows Phone will top iPhone by 2015

A new study from the IDC research firm predicts that Microsoft’s Windows Phone will surpass the iPhone and Blackberry in worldwide market share by 2015 — making it second only to Google’s Android — thanks to the Redmond company’s new partnership with Nokia. IDC says the Nokia deal will have “significant implications” for the smartphone… Read More