Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

Seattle mayor prefers publicly-funded Internet utility, wants to ‘evaluate relationship with Comcast’

Seattle was left with no fiber Internet late last year after the city’s private partner, Gigabit Squared, failed to raise adequate funding for a much-anticipated high-speed network and instead left an unpaid bill of $52,250. So what now? New Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who took office on Jan. 1, has plans to re-assess the entire idea of bringing ultra… Read More


Here’s how city government can help startups, according to outgoing Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

From the time outgoing Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn took office in 2010 until today, Seattle’s startup scene has continued to grow. In those four years, McGinn has tried to figure out how government can support entrepreneurs in the area. He brought together industry leaders for an interesting roundtable last year, and then launched a “Startup… Read More


Funding for Gigabit Seattle fiber Internet project was in question from the start

A year ago this week, Gigabit Squared, a “digital economic development” company operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio, announced a deal with Seattle officials to bring ultra high-speed Internet service to homes and businesses here — taking advantage of unused capacity in the city’s 500 miles of fiber-optic cabling. Mayor Mike McGinn, gearing up for his re-election campaign… Read More

Outgoing Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is in favor of a publicly-owned broadband network.

Mayor McGinn: Seattle should create a public fiber Internet utility if Gigabit Squared fails

The ambitious plans to implement a high-speed gigabit Internet network in 14 Seattle neighborhoods seem to be falling apart. Financial problems are forcing Gigabit Squared, the company behind the project, to delay efforts. Even though outgoing Mayor Mike McGinn, who acknowledged this setback in an interview with GeekWire on Monday, won’t be around to handle this issue,… Read More


Mayor McGinn: Seattle’s high-speed Internet project delayed, possibly in jeopardy

Financing problems are forcing Gigabit Squared to delay plans to implement a high-speed Internet network in 14 Seattle neighborhoods using the city’s dormant “dark fiber” network. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn — a longtime champion of the project who will leave office at the end of the year — acknowledged the setback in an interview with GeekWire this afternoon. He… Read More


Startup Seattle initiative at risk as City Council considers plan to kill funding

Update: Startup Seattle funding avoids City Council budget axe, allowing initiative to proceed There’s a chance that a key priority of Seattle’s tech industry, and one of outgoing Mayor Mike McGinn’s signature achievements, may be quietly killed or delayed indefinitely by the Seattle City Council this week. Whether or not that happens, the fight has already strained relations… Read More

Mayor Ed Murray.

Ed Murray: ‘To infer that I’m some hack for Comcast doesn’t bear out the facts’

Ed Murray doesn’t understand why his opponent in Tuesday’s mayoral election is accusing him of being “Comcast’s candidate.” A report by the Washington Post published Thursday suggested that Comcast, along with other Internet providers, was contributing to Murray’s campaign in hopes of putting a stop to Gigabit Squared’s planned high-speed fiber network. Incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn then sent an… Read More

Ed Murray

Murray voices support for Gigabit Internet, as McGinn calls Seattle mayoral rival ‘Comcast’s candidate’

State Sen. Ed Murray, running against incumbent Mike McGinn for Seattle mayor, says he supports a plan to bring alternative high-speed Internet to Seattle — countering McGinn’s attempts to label him as “Comcast’s candidate.” The political jousting follows reports Thursday afternoon highlighting Comcast’s campaign contributions to Murray. A report by the Washington Post suggested that Comcast, along with other… Read More


Broadband politics: Comcast backs Murray vs. McGinn in mayor’s race as Seattle preps for Gigabit Internet

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, answering questions from Reddit users in a recent Ask-Me-Anything session, was asked what would happen to Gigabit Squared’s planned high-speed fiber network in Seattle if he loses to challenger Ed Murray. “I don’t know,” McGinn responded, “but I do know Comcast gave Murray a big pile of money.” Public records support McGinn’s assertion. Back in February, after… Read More


Blazing fast broadband on the cheap: Pricing unveiled for Seattle’s gigabit Internet

Good news for those wanting to browse the web and download content at breakneck speeds: Ultra-fast Internet is officially arriving in Seattle early next year at an affordable price. Washington D.C. broadband developer Gigabit Squared today announced residential rates for the ultra high-speed fiber network in Seattle it agreed to build last December. There will be three pricing… Read More


Portland Streetcar to enable mobile ticketing; how about Seattle?

Portland Streetcar seems to be following the lead of TriMet and has plans to enable mobile ticketing this summer. According to the Portland Streetcar home page, the mobile ticketing service is set to debut this summer and is powered by GlobeSherpa, a Portland-based provider of secure mobile ticketing software and services. It’s the same startup behind the… Read More


WTF has McGinn done? Pinballers’ site touts Seattle mayor’s accomplishments

You may recall the website (there’s also the R-rated version here) that was launched back in 2010 by Barack Obama supporters to remind people of the president’s accomplishments. Now, just as Seattle’s mayoral race kicks into high gear, two Seattleites are doing the same to show their support for Mayor Mike McGinn. Inspired by the… Read More


Anticipating where crime happens: Seattle rolls out ‘Predictive Policing’ across city

Back in February, Seattle rolled out a new “Predictive Policing” software in the East and Southwest Precincts, hoping to keep the city safe by using data that better predicts where crime may happen. Now, after “anecdotal success” with the software so far, it’s being expanded across all five precincts in the city, Mayor Mike McGinn announced yesterday at a press conference…. Read More

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

Mayor McGinn on guns, jobs and upgrading Seattle PD’s IT

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn appeared on KUOW 94.9 FM this morning, discussing a wide range of issues related to the city’s police department, transportation initiatives, guns and, of course, the prospects of the city getting a NBA (and NHL) franchise. And while he only briefly touched on the city’s new startup initiative, he did mention… Read More


Sonics Update: Steve Ballmer offers ‘characteristically enthusiastic’ presentation to NBA owners

Whether it’s talking about Microsoft or bringing the NBA back to Seattle, Steve Ballmer certainly has lots of energy for supporting causes he believes in. Along with fellow investment partner Chris Hansen and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Ballmer was in New York City today to meet with a committee of NBA owners to present arguments for why Seattle… Read More


Calling all geeks: City of Seattle wants volunteers for technology advisory board

Here’s your chance to help guide the City of Seattle’s strategies and investments in technology and telecommunications. The City is looking for volunteers to join the Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB). The ten-member board and its committees discuss and advise the Mayor and City Council on a multitude of issues, including broadband deployment and adoption, mobile… Read More


A mayor, CEO and bachelor forming teams to raise health awareness with EveryMove

EveryMove wants to help people get healthy and is hoping that three well-known Seattleites will help drive interest to its fitness-focused platform. EveryMove, a Seattle-area startup that lets users track their healthy habits and rewards them with gift cards and reduced health-care premiums, is putting on a 2013 Resolution Team Challenge to encourage team-based healthy initiatives…. Read More


Mapping Seattle’s gigabit Internet plans: Are you in or out?

After Seattle mayor Mike McGinn announced an agreement Thursday with broadband developer Gigabit Squared to operate a high-speed fiber network in Seattle throughout 12 neighborhoods, most tech people in the area had a simple question: Am I in or am I out? I am not in the Seattle fiber initial project areas, darn it. — Glenn Fleishman (@GlennF) December 14, 2012 It’s… Read More


Mayor McGinn gets his geek on: From Ignite to SURF Incubator

Mayor Mike McGinn continues to reach out to the startup and entrepreneurial communities in Seattle, popping up at various events around town. Earlier this week, we covered McGinn’s 5-minute talk at Ignite. In that talk, McGinn said the city is working hard to create places in the community where artists, scientists and entrepreneurs can interact. “That fuels… Read More