Tech veteran Mike Koss joining Google, winding down StartPad

Mike Koss spent nearly two decades at Microsoft, playing a key role in the early development of products including Excel, Outlook and SharePoint. For the past decade, he has been working in the startup world as an investor, entrepreneur and the “launch director” of the StartPad co-working space in downtown Seattle. And now, at 53… Read More

GeekWire calendar shoot

Geeks Who Give Back: Mike Koss, StartPad.org

Long before it became cool to run a tech incubator, Mike Koss was opening his doors to Seattle-area entrepreneurs at StartPad.org. In addition to office space, the ex-Microsoftie regularly hosts brown bag lunches where developers discuss everything from the finer points of mobile app development to new startup business ideas. Koss flies his geek flag high, and… Read More


My memories of Steve Jobs

Having just heard of Steve Jobs’ passing, I feel compelled to recall the three times I met Steve, and to summarize what was so special about his life and work. 1978: Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV I was a 17-year-old high school student and computer hobbyist living in Oklahoma City. I had a job… Read More

Peter Vessenes and Mike Koss

CoinLab: New center for Bitcoin projects in Seattle

A group of Seattle entrepreneurs is forging ahead into the uncertain and intriguing world of Bitcoin with a new center for incubating projects and potential businesses involving the digital currency. Called CoinLab, it’s the creation of Peter Vessenes, Mike Koss and Tihan Seale, housed inside the StartPad co-working space that Koss oversees in downtown Seattle…. Read More


Mike Koss sells Faves.com, investors take ‘big loss’

Faves.com is getting a second (actually, maybe even a third or fourth) chance. But the Seattle online social bookmarking service won’t pay the huge dividend that investors once hoped for. Mike Koss, one of the early backers and former co-CEO, tells GeekWire that he’s in the middle of transferring the domain name and service to… Read More


Nuclear fallout? Skip the tin foil, grab a cookie sheet

Seattle startup guru Mike Koss of Startpad.org was watching news coverage of the crisis in Japan when he noticed people holding large sheets of cardboard over their heads, covered in tin foil, presumably hoping to protect themselves from radioactive fallout. Which raised an interesting question in his mind: Would that work? As he explains in… Read More