decidetv33 trumps outdated Consumer Reports, study says

Out with the old and in with the new — that’s what a study comparing Consumer Reports to concludes. PricewaterhouseCoopers/AEV conducted research on the two recommendation agencies and found Consumer Reports several steps behind in various areas like product availability and an up-to-date database. The study, which was sponsored by Seattle-based Decide, analyzed… Read More

decide-app brings gadget price predictions to the iPad has been on a roll in recent weeks, unveiling a new daily deal service, hiring top talent such as social media expert Shauna Causey and introducing a new service that tells shoppers the best time to buy home appliances. Now, the Seattle startup — co-founded by University of Washington computer scientist  Oren Etzioni and… Read More

decide-app1’s new iPhone app helps gadget shoppers find a better deal nearby

There’s no shortage of mobile applications that allow shoppers to scan product bar codes and retrieve product information, with eBay’s RedLaser and’s mobile app two of the most readily that come to mind. But Seattle startup — which launched its consumer electronics shopping service earlier this year — thinks it has a twist… Read More


Kate Matsudaira jumps from SEOMoz to

Kate Matsudaira has left her vice president of engineering post at SEOMoz to join the growing team at, GeekWire has learned. Matsudaira, who spent the past two years at SEOMoz, will serve as vice president of engineering at the Seattle upstart. The University of Washington computer science grad says she’s looking forward to her new… Read More


Looking for iPhone 5 rumors? Here’s the feed you need

It’s one of the hottest topics right now for gadget geeks: When will Apple release its much-anticipated iPhone 5? Now, you can follow along with all of the rumor, speculation and leaked design docs. Seattle-based Decide today is unveiling a new Twitter feed and category on its Web site that will allow iPhone fanatics to… Read More