Microsoft confirms it’s making Office for Android tablets, too

After Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad during its news briefing today, CEO Satya Nadella said the company would be making Office available everywhere — on all phones, tablets and PCs. He didn’t mention Android tablets specifically, but now we have specific confirmation from the company that an Android tablet version is, in fact, in the… Read More


Microsoft Office exec hints at new generation of apps

Much of the focus on Microsoft Office recently has centered on the company’s plans to bring the core Office suite to the iPad — and yes, that app will see the light of day, although the company isn’t saying exactly when. But the Microsoft Office team has also been working toward a new generation of… Read More


Microsoft: Apple’s free iWork on iPad is ‘an attempt to play catch up’ to Office on Surface

Apple’s decision to offer its iWork suite for free on new iPads is drawing a spirited response from Microsoft’s communications chief. In a new blog post, Frank Shaw disputes the notion that the move is a competitive threat to Microsoft, pointing out that the gold standard productivity suite, Microsoft Office, already comes for free on Surface… Read More


Crazy: Watch this guy recreate iOS 7 in Microsoft Word

I’ve been known to impress my colleagues by whipping up a wicked graphic or logo in Microsoft Excel from time to time, but holy crap, check out this video of a graphic designer using Microsoft Word to replicate the appearance of Apple’s iOS 7. This is an accelerated highlight reel from an in-depth series of these… Read More


Microsoft Office debuts on iOS — for iPhone, not iPad

After months and even years of speculation, Microsoft this morning finally released a version of its core Office productivity programs — Word, Excel and PowerPoint — for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. But it’s designed specifically for iPhone, and the company is still refraining from releasing a native version for the iPad. Office Mobile for… Read More


Office on iPad: Microsoft wrestling with $2.5B tradeoff

Microsoft is forgoing as much as $2.5 billion a year in extra revenue by not yet putting a full-fledged version of its Office suite on Apple’s iPad. That’s the estimate by Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt, as reported by Fortune magazine today. There were a series of reports last year that Microsoft was working on… Read More


Looking for a job at Google? Better know Microsoft Office

Google’s momentum vs. Microsoft Office is in the news today: The New York Times reports that Google has scored “an impressive string of wins” during the past year with big companies opting for Google Apps and ditching Microsoft Office. The story highlights problems for Microsoft including higher prices and complex licensing. IDC analyst Melissa Webster tells the… Read More


Support documents show Microsoft Office coming to iPad

It looks more and more like Microsoft Office is coming to Apple’s iPad. There have been rumors and screenshots of Office potentially coming to iOS devices, but now new documents at official French and Romanian Office support sites show references to an Office app for both the iPhone and iPad. First reported by French website mac4ever,… Read More


First look: Microsoft remakes Office for tablets and the cloud

Microsoft is giving its first public glimpse of the next version of Office today, showing off an overhauled interface and new features intended to make Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and other traditional programs work on touch-screen tablets as well as computers with keyboards and mice. But some of the biggest changes are in the way… Read More


Another big week for Microsoft: Office news, earnings report

It has been a big summer for Microsoft already, with a steady drumbeat of announcements — including the unveiling of its Surface tablet computer, the acquisitions of Yammer and Perceptive Pixel, the first official details of the Windows 8 release schedule and, on the down side, the $6.2 billion aQuantive write-down. Expect the news to… Read More


Office on the iPad: A litmus test for the modern Microsoft

We know now that Microsoft is working on a touch-friendly version of Microsoft Office for Windows 8. But here comes that age-old question, resurfacing once again: What about Microsoft Office on the iPad? Veteran analyst Rick Sherlund, now with Nomura Research, threw some cold water on the possibility in a note to clients this morning. Wrote… Read More