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Ben Huh: How to create an Internet meme in 3 easy steps

(Video courtesy of Felice Lam) Ben Huh kicked up his black and white leather dress shoes and bounced onstage mimicing the pop singer PSY, whose “Gangnam Style” now has more than 600 million views and a record-breaking 4.6 million likes. It was a brilliant intro to his presentation on Internet memes at the Seattle Interactive Conference that —… Read More


Enough, already! The ‘Shit People Say’ meme comes to the venture capital business

Is the whole “Shit People Say” meme getting out of control? We’ve already witnessed the “Shit Seattle People Say When it Snows” fascination following the snowstorm a few weeks ago, and the “Shit Silicon Valley Says” video that went viral with 1.5 million views on YouTube. Now, here’s the latest. David Hornik, a venture capitalist at August… Read More


Planking, Pepper Spray Cop and other top Internet memes of 2011

Cheezburger is the master of memes, and 2011 created some memorable moments for lovers of Internet culture. From planking to Pepper Spray Cop, Cheezburger has been tracking all of the silliness and offbeat humor. What’s your favorite Internet meme of the year? Cheezburger community members liked My Little Pony, 60s Spider-Man captioning and the Nyan… Read More