Seattle tech vet Matt Hulett named CEO of ClickBank

Matt Hulett, the Seattle startup veteran who was most recently president of RealNetworks’ video-game division, has been named the CEO of ClickBank, a Boise-based digital content creation, distribution and marketing platform. Hulett, the former AdXpose (Mpire) CEO and Expedia Corporate Travel president, announced his departure from RealNetworks’ GameHouse unit a month ago for an unspecified… Read More


Casual Disconnect: Seattle losing big games conference

Casual games are almost as much a part of Seattle’s fabric as coffee and airplanes. But now, it appears one of the bedrock institutions of the industry is pulling up roots like a sunflower fleeing an approaching zombie. Sources tell GeekWire that the big Casual Connect gaming conference will no longer be held in Seattle…. Read More


Matt Hulett’s startup advice: ‘Money makes you soft’

Matt Hulett, a self-described “late-bloomer” in the tech space, started out shrink-wrapping software in the 80s and is now leading RealNetworks’ GameHouse unit into the future of gaming. It’s no surprise he ended up here. Hulett, a former executive at Mpire and Atom Entertainment who returned to RealNetworks two years ago, has a history of rising… Read More

Matt Hulett

GameHouse president Matt Hulett joins board of Yapta

Yapta has named GameHouse president Matt Hulett to the board, part of an ongoing transformation of the Seattle startup from a consumer travel company to one focused on business-to-business services. Hulett has very specific experience in that arena, formerly serving as president of Expedia Corporate Travel. “The opportunity for Yapta to penetrate the corporate travel… Read More


Video: GameHouse chief almost loses shorts in charity hunger dip

It’s that time of year when members of the tech community give back. But RealNetworks executive Matt Hulett, who runs the company’s GameHouse unit, almost gave back a little too much in a stunt Tuesday morning. To cap a fundraising effort by RealNetworks for Northwest Harvest, Hulett and RealNetworks Chief Marketing Officer Judy Bitterli dove… Read More