Where the Hell is Matt? Dancing in a credit-card ad

Just when we thought Matt Harding’s story couldn’t get any better, the unlikely Internet dancing sensation has landed in a big new advertising campaign. Harding is the guy from Seattle who achieved YouTube fame for his globetrotting expeditions of goofy dancing, chronicled in his popular video series, “Where the Hell is Matt?” And now he… Read More


Epic dancing video ‘Where The Hell is Matt’ reaches 10M views in 10 months

Since today is International Dance Day, what better time to talk about Matt Harding, the dude behind the global dancing phenomenon Where The Hell is Matt? Harding’s most impressive video, a compilation of him dancing all around the world in place like Afghanistan and Haiti, has garnered more than ten million views in ten months on YouTube and is a… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Where The Hell is Matt? On our show!

Even if you don’t recognize Matt Harding’s name, you’ve probably seen one of his videos. He’s the globetrotting YouTube star behind the site His videos, showing him dancing with people in countries around the world, have been viewed millions upon millions of times. Matt is our guest this week on the GeekWire radio show… Read More


Where the Hell is Matt? North Korea of all places

It looks like Matt Harding — the Internet celeb best known for his wacky worldwide dancing antics at Where the Hell is Matt — is making a comeback. The 35-year-old Seattleite just posted a preview of his latest dancing escapade in a place more brutal on free expression than those crazies in Footloose. That’s right…. Read More