Want to fight that traffic ticket? Avvo unveils new legal marketplace to help clients pick lawyers

Avvo today is unveiling a new matchmaking service to make it easier for clients to choose attorneys. Dubbed the Avvo Legal Marketplace, the service allows individuals to research attorneys and then choose the most appropriate lawyer for their case. The launch of the service is a natural extension for Avvo, which already operated a rating… Read More


Dirty house? Pathjoy maid service aims to clean up in Seattle

Hate cleaning your grimy kitchen and bathroom every week? Well, a new online service just expanded to Seattle called Pathjoy that might alleviate the need to do those time-consuming chores. You can think about Pathjoy a bit like Uber, the popular private driving service. In this case, however, it’s a low-cost maid service to get… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Nuubuu creates a marketplace for your content creations

Nuubuu founder Ameya Bhatawdekar wants to make it simple for everyone to upload and sell their digital creations, from electronic books to designs to music to photos. There’s no shortage of places to do that now, including offerings from upstarts like Sellfy and Pulley. Founded just four months ago, Nuubuu charges five percent, plus a 25 cent transaction fee… Read More