Wapple vs. Womple: What’s really in a name?

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about Womple, a new startup out of Bellingham that’s developing easy ways to make mobile Web sites for restaurants, dentists and other small businesses. A bunch of folks read the story, including the CEO at a 10-year-old mobile app development shop out of the U.K. called Wapple…. Read More


Act-On Software lands $16M

Act-On Software, a Portland-area startup that helps companies automate marketing campaigns, just scored $16 million in venture capital financing. This latest round, led by Silicon Valley’s Norwest Venture Partners, doubles Act-On’s VC total to $32 million, The Oregonian reports. Trinity Ventures, US Venture Partners and Voyager Capital — all existing Act-On investors — also chipped… Read More

Rand Fishkin in his Northwest "hipster" getup at the GROW conference in Vancouver, B.C.

Rand Fishkin’s top 11 startup tips to earn free customers

Editor’s note: Team GeekWire is attending the GROW conference in Vancouver, B.C. this week, covering some of the talks.   Perhaps no entrepreneur can entertain and inform a crowd like Rand Fishkin. And the SEOMoz founder, fresh off the company’s $18 million venture capital round from May, was at it again during his talk today… Read More


Optify lands more cash to boost marketing software tools

Optify has raised $2 million in additional financing from existing investors, money that comes in just a few weeks after tech veteran Rob Eleveld was tapped as CEO of the Seattle upstart. Eleveld, the former CEO of Shiftboard and Vykor, said that the money will be used to boost sales and marketing. “The inbound marketing software… Read More


Productivity Porn: 8 key steps to going paperless

I love paper. I hate paper. Independent of format, print or digital, what I want is information at my fingertips when I need it, wherever I am. I want instant capture of ideas, to-do’s and notes (which for me still requires paper) but I want that paper to disappear as quickly as possible. Less paper… Read More


Hey, startups, users aren’t free

“Seattle’s great at building technology, but we don’t understand marketing. San Francisco’s great at marketing. That’s why great B-to-C companies come out of San Francisco and not Seattle.” A managing partner at a VC firm said this to me several months ago. It solidified, in my mind, something I’ve been wanting to scream at Seattle… Read More


6 do-or-die tactics for Facebook success in 2012

While social sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are growing like wildfire and offering marketers plenty of opportunity to leverage new audiences, my money is still on Facebook in 2012 as the social site that will help marketers and business owners increase market share, gain new customers and ultimately generate more revenue. But it’s not as… Read More


Why this Seattle startup ‘Punk’d’ unsuspecting Craigslist sellers

This seems like a great way to get yourself killed, or at least seriously injured. Replyboard founder Steinar Skipsnes and friend Nick LaPratt spent their weekends over the past four months armed with a hidden camera as they recorded bizarre interactions with people they had agreed to meet through Craigslist ads. (Editor’s note: LaPratt was misidentified in this… Read More


How this mobile app developer’s promotion of free cash failed miserably on iPad launch day

Seattle mobile app developer Michael Burford thought he’d come up with a brilliant brainstorm to find customers for his new mobile puzzle game, Pawn’d. And on the surface, the idea didn’t seem too far-fetched to us. But Burford’s mini-marketing experiment last Friday during Apple’s iPad launch “failed miserably,” Burford said. Here’s what the veteran mobile app… Read More


Scrappy Urbanspoon turns to TV ads to connect with foodies

Urbanspoon scratched and clawed its way to success, driven by the bootstrapping mindset of founders Adam Doppelt, Ethan Lowry and Patrick O’Donnell. The online restaurant directory grew largely through word-of-mouth; smart SEO and a cutting-edge iPhone application that caught the attention of the marketers at Apple. Except for a largely unsuccessful radio campaign, Urbanspoon didn’t… Read More


9 bootstrapping ideas for small business publicity

Free publicity is one of the best tools that you can use to promote and grow your small business or startup. P.T. Barnum used it to grow his little circus to international fame. Thomas Edison used it to destroy his competition and become the only name in the game. And Richard Branson uses it to… Read More


Inbound.org: A Hacker News for marketing content

Online marketing is an ever-changing, fast-moving industry with no shortage of information available for those looking to master things such as SEO, Twitter and Google+. But there’s so much information flowing these days that it can be tough to sort the wheat from the chaff. SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin and HubSpot founder Dharmesh Shah are… Read More