Q&A: Nokia HERE targets iOS and Android, expanding its role as the ‘location cloud’

The launch of Amazon’s Fire phone today marks an important step for Nokia’s HERE location-technology business, which is supplying the underlying mapping platform used by the new smartphone. But it’s just part of a broader expansion strategy for the Nokia-owned company — including the planned release of new consumer services for iOS and Android later this year. That’s one of the… Read More


INRIX partners with Volkswagen, improves traffic technology to cover 4 million miles in 37 countries

Most traffic technology out there does a fairly decent job of calculating the quickest route to your destination. But now INRIX, the Kirkland-based traffic data and technology company, is taking it to the next level. On Tuesday, the company is set to debut INRIX XD Traffic, a new service that INRIX says covers more roads with greater… Read More


Google starts integrating Waze user reports into Google Maps

Apparently unfazed by a reported FTC review of its $1.1 billion Waze acquisition, Google is starting to integrate features from the Waze mapping service into its own Google Maps applications. The search company said this morning that real-time reports from Waze users — including accidents, road closures and construction — will start appearing in Google… Read More


Apple buys Canadian startup Locationary to boost maps

Apple’s much-maligned Maps app may be getting a boost thanks to a new acquisition. The Cupertino-based company recently acquired Locationary, a startup that focuses on improving mapping data for local businesses. A lack of reliable local data has been one of the weak points of Apple’s current maps app, so the acquisition will probably bring… Read More


Map: Here’s where tech jobs are hot in the U.S.

It’s always interesting to compare various tech markets, and a new interactive map created by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and Engine shows in great detail the areas of the country where tech jobs are hot. I’m a bit of a map junky, so I’ve spent far too much time today digging into the map this morning…. Read More


Amazon pinpoints Nokia as mapping partner for next-generation Kindle Fire has reportedly chosen Nokia to provide the mapping technology on the next-generation Kindle Fire, a device that is expected to be launched at an event in Santa Monica, California next Thursday. This may appear to be a minor development. However, in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of tech, where alliances and partnerships change frequently, the… Read More


Report: buying mobile map startup UpNext is reportedly buying UpNext, a five-year-old New York City startup that specializes in what they describe as “vibrant, immersive maps that better reflect the world we live in.” GigaOm has the scoop on the news, saying that it may signal a move by Amazon to add native mapping functionality to its Kindle Fire tablet… Read More


Microsoft embraces, extends open source mapping

File this under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend:” Microsoft is reportedly lending “big support and big dollars” to an open source mapping project in order to counter Google Maps. OpenStreetMap, which is run by the U.K.-based non-profit OpenStreetMap Foundation, is a self-described “free wiki world map” which operates much like Wikipedia. Volunteers… Read More


For better or worse? Bing and Nokia marry their mobile maps

As more people turn to mobile devices to find out where they are going, Microsoft and Nokia are spending precious resources on making sure that they have the easiest and cleanest mobile maps. The two companies — following on their strategic partnership from last year — today announced a unified mapping experience across Nokia and… Read More


New Microsoft patent: Walking directions that avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods

Microsoft was issued a patent today on a computer system for “pedestrian route production” — better known as walking directions — that automatically adjusts the route for the unique conditions encountered by a person going from place to place on foot. One of the features would help pedestrians avoid an “unsafe neighborhood,” taking into account… Read More


Adapx wins $1.65M DARPA contract to bring speech and sketch to battlefield plans

Seattle startup Adapx has won a $1.65 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to incorporate speech and sketch into battlefield planning maps. The contract follows a similar deal inked in October with the Army’s Research, Development and Engineering Command which allows commanders to speak and sketch their plans into battlefield simulators. Adapx… Read More


Here’s your guide to the nastiest restaurants in Seattle

Navigating Seattle’s burgeoning restaurant scene can be a serious challenge, and, if you’re unlucky, a health hazard too. (I bet I’m not the only one whose had my stomach turn after eating a bowl of clam chowder). But a Seattle geek has figured out an easy way to inform the masses about which dining establishments… Read More


Clearwire touts 4G network expansion in Seattle area

Clearwire today announced that it has added nearly 100 new cellular towers and bolstered its overall coverage in the Seattle area, expanding the network to cover as many as 240,000 people. It is the biggest expansion of the company’s network in the Seattle area since it launched here in December 2009. Working in conjunction with… Read More


Microsoft Bing takes Streetside out of the bubble

Microsoft today rolled out a new version of its Streetside feature for Bing Maps that is getting some credit for at least taking a different approach than Google’s Street View. The biggest change is the elimination of the 360-degree “bubble” view in favor of an approach that flattens out the images into a long horizontal… Read More

Seattle All Stairs photo

Cool Web Site of the Week: Seattle All Stairs

Some people spend their time knitting, reading books or playing sports. Susan Ott Ralph and David Ralph like staircases. Public staircases, that is. The couple have spent the better part of a year compiling a comprehensive online list of Seattle’s public staircases at Seattle All Stairs, everything from big climbs in Queen Anne to small… Read More


Latest on Microsoft in Japan

Microsoft is among the many U.S. companies whose operations were impacted by the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here’s a status report from the company, issued yesterday afternoon and still current as of this morning. We’ll post further updates as they’re available. Microsoft has activated its Disaster Response protocol and is currently accounting for… Read More