Claim: Windows Phone 7 beats iPhone, Android for stability

Very interesting piece by Matthew Miller on ZDNet this morning, making the case that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is the most stable mobile operating system, based on his years of experience using a wide variety of mobile platforms. Yes, more stable than iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian — and especially Android, he says. “I get comments from… Read More


Windows Phone ‘Mango’ is ripe, now Microsoft needs to keep it from going bad

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has completed its well-reviewed “Mango” software update and shipped the code to handset makers and wireless carriers for installation on devices to be sold in stores later this year. Now the team faces another challenge: Making sure it doesn’t further alienate the Windows Phone faithful, many of whom are still ticked off… Read More


IDC cuts 2011 Windows Phone forecast — still thinks Microsoft will be No. 2 worldwide in 2015

Research firm IDC is out with new projections for the smartphone market, sticking to its prediction that Microsoft’s Windows Phone will be the No. 2 operating system worldwide by 2015 — ahead of Apple’s iPhone but well behind Google’s Android, which is projected to have more than 40 percent of the market. However, the firm’s… Read More


Windows Phone ‘Mango’: The phone is the app — but can it improve Microsoft’s chances?

Since the beginning, Microsoft’s strategy with Windows Phone has been to create a unified experience across the device — drawing information and sources from a variety of sources into centralized hubs to keep users from getting lost in the “silos” of individual apps. The company continued that push this morning as it unveiled new features… Read More