Fighting ‘ransomware’: Security researchers offer free fix for Cryptolocker woes

Cryptolocker is one of the most potentially painful pieces of Windows malware floating around the web these days. When the software infiltrates a computer, it encrypts the contents of the hard disk and demands that users pay a ransom (usually in Bitcoin or MoneyPak) to get their files back. If someone doesn’t pay the ransom, or doesn’t pay it in… Read More


Storming the castle: FBI, Microsoft attack Citadel botnet

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) claims that it has taken down more than 1,000 of the estimated 1,400 command-and-control servers behind the Citadel botnets in a joint operation with the FBI. The botnets in this case are plural, because while the software running the malware and command-and-control servers is functionally the same, Microsoft claims there… Read More


Protecting the people: Microsoft helps crush Bamital malware that affected thousands

Chalk one up for Microsoft. Today, the Redmond software giant teamed up with Symantec to take down a nasty malware affecting thousands upon thousands of PCs. The cyber crime was a Bamital botnet that hijacked people’s search experiences and redirected victims to potentially dangerous sites that could leave them vulnerable to other online threats and steal their… Read More