Makerhaus geek workshop closing in Seattle

Makerhaus, a 10,000 square foot space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood that caters to electronics, 3D printing, CAD design and other geek enthusiasts, is closing its doors on Sept. 16th just 18 months after opening. “It has truly been an amazing journey and the impact that Makerhaus has had will continue to be felt for years… Read More


Smart sunglasses and intelligent ear plugs: Bad-ass innovation from Startup Weekend Maker Edition

Earplugs that adapt to your environment. Sunglasses that block blinding light at night. A device that connects to weights that measure reps. These were just a few of the kick-ass innovations built at the first Startup Weekend Maker Edition ever. Startup Weekend is widely known for the 54-hour entrepreneurial bootcamps it runs around the world that focus on… Read More


Geek paradise: A video tour of the MakerHaus workshop

If there’s a geek paradise in Seattle, a 10,000-square-foot creative playground nestled in Fremont might just be it. Welcome to MakerHaus, a huge community-based working space for geeks, nerds, designers, makers and anyone else who has ever wanted to build something cool. After more than two months, MakerHaus has 121 members and seven businesses operating out… Read More


A playground for geeks: Nike vet to open 10,000-square-foot maker space in Seattle

Calling all geeks, nerds, designers, makers and anyone else whose ever wanted to build something cool: MakerHaus is coming to Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. What’s MakerHaus? It’s kind of a geek paradise. The 10,000-square-foot renovated industrial design space will include educational programs where members can take classes on topics such as Intro to Rhino 3D CAD; Getting… Read More