GeekWire Podcast: Inside the world of an RFID implantee

Radio Frequency Identification, better known as RFID, is used in everything from livestock to shipping containers. But what about humans? This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we talk with Amal Graafstra, who has had the distinction of walking around for years with an RFID tag implanted in each of his hands. And… Read More


Chart: Windows 7 is almost bigger than Windows XP

August is already a big month for Windows 8, with Microsoft announcing this morning that it has finished the new version of its operating system and shipped it off to computer makers. But it’s shaping up to be a milestone month for Windows 7, as well. The current version of Microsoft’s operating system, originally released… Read More


Apple unleashes Mountain Lion as we wait for Windows 8

Apple this morning released Mountain Lion, the next version of the Mac OS X operating system, as a $19.99 upgrade in the Mac App Store. Many of the most attention-grabbing features will be familiar to iPad and iPhone users, including a new Notification Center and Game Center, in addition to Twitter integration. But what’s particularly… Read More


Apple posts record iPad sales, profits miss Wall Street targets

Sales of Apple’s iPad topped 17 million units in the company’s most recent quarter, up more than 80 percent over the same quarter a year ago, demonstrating the continued momentum of Apple’s tablet. The results were released a short time ago. The company overall missed Wall Street’s expectations for earnings and revenue. Apple posted revenue… Read More


Apple’s Mountain Lion brings the Mac, iPhone and iPad even closer together

Apple is famous for the tight end-to-end integration of its products — controlling the operating system, applications, services and hardware. But increasingly the company is extending that integration across its different devices, as well. And Mountain Lion, the next major version of the Mac operating system, takes some major new steps down that path. In a… Read More


Chart: iPad, iPhone in spotlight as Apple preps earnings report

Apple’s earnings report on Tuesday afternoon will be closely watched as a gauge of the company’s momentum in the smartphone and tablet markets. The company disappointed Wall Street in its last earnings report with iPhone sales that fell below analysts’ expectations, as the later-than-normal release of the latest iPhone, the 4S, caused consumers to hold… Read More


Steam on a roll as Valve targets bigger screens for games

The Steam video-game platform for Macs and Windows PCs grew substantially in 2011 — with unit sales of games rising more than 100 percent for the seventh straight year, according to new statistics released this morning by Valve, the Bellevue-based company behind the Steam system, often called the iTunes of video games. Valve also signaled… Read More

toutonghi 2

Parallels names new finance and tech chiefs, prepping for possible IPO and acquisitions

Parallels, known for its software that lets Windows run on Macs, has hired new finance and technology chiefs, aiming to boost the cloud-services side of its business and prepare for future growth, including a possible initial public offering and acquisitions. The company’s new chief technology officer is Microsoft veteran Michael Toutonghi, who is leaving his… Read More


Netflix for Kids, LinkedIn apps, and other new stuff to try

Interesting new releases and downloads catching our attention today …  Netflix rolled out a new section of its website called “Just for Kids” today, offering a simplified menu of streaming movies and TV shows for children 12 and under. The company says it worked with non-profit Common Sense Media on the project. It’s available initially… Read More


Mac users are vegetarians: PC users eat fries at McDonald’s

Would you rather drive a Harley or a Vespa? Your answer may predict your computer habits. did a user-based survey and it turns out stereotypes propagated in Mac’s old “Get a Mac” commercials aren’t far from the truth. Hunch asked its users a wide range of questions– everything from food and drink preferences to personality traits…. Read More


Too much tablet? Apple, Microsoft at risk of overdose

The changes in Apple’s new Mac OS X Lion, released Wednesday, start with the way people get the updated operating system. It’s not available on an installation disc or from a traditional website. It’s a $30 download from the Mac App Store — complete with its own “Buy App” button. Features of the overhauled Mac… Read More


Apple, Xbox set to battle for attention of tech world

It’s hard to remember a week with so many big tech companies staging so many potentially big announcements. It kicks off at 9:30 a.m. Pacific time Monday  morning with Microsoft’s annual Xbox news conference at the E3 video-game convention in Los Angeles. Half an hour later, Steve Jobs & Co. will take the stage for… Read More


‘Pranksters’ or ‘vandals’? Windows logo installed on future Apple store

This video, taken outside an Apple store under construction in Hamburg, Germany, is spreading around the Internet like wildfire this afternoon — destined to be a classic. Almost as funny is seeing the difference in wording from the Apple- and Windows-oriented blogs. WinRumors calls them “pranksters.” Edible Apple raises them to the level of “vandals.” Previously: Microsoft’s… Read More