Judges for the Lean Startup Machine competition

4 takeaways from a different type of startup competition

Between Startup Weekend, AngelHack and StudentRND you could spend every weekend hacking in this town.  And that’s just this month.  So I’ll admit I was curious if not skeptical when Lean Startup Machine entered the scene, and wondered what more this New York-based org could bring to the party. Walking into the Belltown HQ of… Read More


Lovelletters: Startup Chess and the Zen of Ordering

[Editor's Note: The latest installment of Lovelletters, GeekWire's startup advice column, features an exchange between Rebecca and Jenni Hogan, the KIRO-TV personality behind the website Mission Hot Mama.] Dear Lovelletters, I just launched my website – MissionHotMama– and it’s going better than I could have dreamed. Opportunities are everywhere to grow, build the team, and monetize…. Read More


Lovelletters: Failed startup shattered my life and all I got was this crappy t-shirt

Dear Geeks – This week’s top submission was juicy enough that names were changed to protect the not-so-innocent…otherwise, reprinted verbatim here. - Rebecca Dear Rebecca, I have a leather jacket and a hat with the [Startup X] logo, along with thousands of worthless stock options, from the now defunct startup that closed a few years back after burning through… Read More


Open Letter to Geeks: An introduction to ‘Lovelletters’

After my last sports injury, my doctor, having grown weary of well over a decade of everything from concussions to sprained ankles, asked: “Have you ever thought of taking up checkers?”  I am not a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of girl, it turns out.  So after five years of encouraging entrepreneurs and supporting startups, I finally joined… Read More