A regular-sized Amazon locker

Photo: The significance of Obidos at Amazon.com

We’ve been having fun covering Amazon.com’s ambitious locker effort — including Todd Bishop’s experiment to pick up a pack of batteries at a Seattle area 7-Eleven store. Since then, Amazon Lockers have been popping up at various locations around the country, including at the company’s ever-expanding headquarters in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  That’s why… Read More


Google buys BufferBox, a rival to Amazon Lockers

The combination of the bricks and clicks world is getting a bit more interesting. Google today announced that it is buying Waterloo, Ontario-based BufferBox, a 21-month-old Canadian company that allows parcels to be shipped to pick-up stations. The move is interesting because Amazon.com has been rolling out a competitive locker service in various markets, first… Read More

Photo Courtesy Dave Zatz

Report: Amazon Lockers arriving at Staples stores

Amazon.com has struck a deal to put its new locker system — which allows customers to order products online and pick them up at physical locations — in Staples stores, according to a report today by Reuters. Staples is the largest office supply retailer in the world, with more than $25 billion in annual sales and… Read More


Amazon’s delivery lockers emerge from stealth mode

Amazon Lockers were practically incognito when the company began testing the concept in Seattle last year. The nondescript beige lockers showed up quietly in 7-Elevens and other locations, and they were available as a delivery option for only a subset of the company’s customers. The company still hasn’t made any kind of formal announcement, but… Read More


Amazon Lockers are pretty much empty at this 7-Eleven

Amazon.com started rolling out lockers at 7-Eleven stores in the Seattle area last fall, an innovative way for shoppers to get packages delivered to the convenience store rather than a residence or office building. Well, at least at one Seattle area 7-Eleven store, the lockers are pretty much gathering dust. Matt Hickey of The Daily… Read More


Exclusive pics: Amazon lockers surface on college campus

This is starting to feel like something out of a science fiction novel, with mysterious contraptions showing up inexplicably in random locations, awaiting commands from the mother ship to carry out some master plan. After getting a tip from an alert reader, GeekWire braved the wilds of the suburbs to uncover another set of Amazon.com… Read More

Amazon's new locker system at 7-Eleven store on Capitol Hill

Amazon set to unlock delivery lockers at U.K. retailers too

Amazon’s plans to establish a physical presence where customers can pick up packages appears to be spreading beyond our borders. Retail Week reports that the online retailer has entered into an agreement to put the locker system — which looks identical to the one we recently saw at a 7-Eleven store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill… Read More