Nuance responds to privacy concerns over its Swype keyboard having too much location data

Nuance is responding to privacy concerns today after customers complained that its Swype keyboard application was accessing their whereabouts excessively. In one case, a customer said his or her information was accessed nearly 4,000 times a day. While the post on the company’s forum is old, it was thrust into the spotlight this morning after it was posted on Y… Read More


A safe Halloween: Glympse unveils ‘Track n Treat’ app to help parents keep an eye on the little goblins as they roam the neighborhood

Looking to keep track of the little ghosts and goblins this Halloween, but don’t want to be a hovering parent? Well, technology from Seattle startup Glympse is here to help. The Seattle company just unveiled a free app (for iOS only) called Track n Treat, which like the name suggests allows parents to keep a… Read More


Reinventing the scavenger hunt: This new iPhone app brings a high-tech twist to this age-old family game

Ken Cooper loves getting his family into the great outdoors, exploring nature and visting everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. But, like most parents, the Bellingham resident and longtime software developer has to compete with electronic devices, which oftentimes capture the interests of his two boys more than a hike in the woods…. Read More


Glympse helps Seattle geeks track each another at SXSW

The huge SXSW film, music and interactive conference officially kicks off today — and hundreds of Seattle techies have either arrived in Austin or are on their way. Now, thanks to Glympse those geeks will be able to easily track where everyone is hanging in Austin for the big festival. “As with any Glympse, no app… Read More

Glympse Map_Screen

Meet the new Glympse, easy location sharing for groups

In what’s being described as the biggest release since its debut, Seattle startup Glympse today rolled out a fresh design as well as new features that makes it easier for users to share location information with groups of people. In the past, users could send Glympse alerts to multiple people, but it was difficult. With… Read More


You are the machine: CyborgCamps to probe human-technology interaction

Drop the word “cyborg,” and most casual conversations will take a jarring turn toward Star Trek, Terminator, or Battlestar Galactica, where beastly human-machine hybrids threaten to take over the world. But that’s not what cyborg means anymore — at least not to Amber Case and organizers of two upcoming CyborgCamps: one happening this weekend in Seattle (it’s not too late to snag… Read More


Where ‘Where are you?’ is: The future of location and discovery

“There’s a graveyard of geo experiments,” says Amber Case. She’s the CEO and co-founder of Geoloqi, a company that helps mobile developers integrate, track and measure their users’ location data, and she was a panelist at the Location & Discovery discussion at the Privacy Identity Information conference (pii) in Seattle. And she’s right. As smartphone market… Read More


From outer space to the ocean floor, Geocaching.com now boasts more than 1.5 million hidden treasures

Seattle’s Groundspeak was one of the early pioneers in geocaching, a high-tech, location-based treasure hunt of sorts where people seek out hidden containers filled with goodies using GPS devices or smartphones. When Jeremy Irish, Elias Alvord and Bryan Roth started the site Geocaching.com in 2000, there were just 75 geocaches listed. On Saturday, the company… Read More


WhitePages takes on Yelp with Localicious app for Android

There’s certainly no shortage of places to find information about local businesses, including Yelp, CitySearch, Patch and dozens of other hyperlocal sites. But WhitePages is tossing its hat into the ring today with the launch of a new Android app called Localicious and a new Web site called Neighbors. WhitePages CEO Alex Algard admits that… Read More


Running late for a meeting? Glympse attracts $7.5M to help mobile phone users share locations with friends

There’s no shortage of applications that help mobile phone users share their physical locations. Even so, Glympse — a Redmond startup co-founded by two former Microsofties — believes it can stand out from the pack. And some very large venture capital firms tend to agree, with Glympse announcing today that it has scored $7.5 million… Read More