Placed Insights reveal how much Americans love fast food and McDonald’s

America sure loves its fast food. That’s the latest from the April rankings of Placed Insights, a platform that is essentially the Nielsen TV ratings system or Google Analytics, but for the offline world. Seattle location analytics startup Placed unveiled the service last month, which tracks the paths and places of U.S. consumers and quantifies it to bring… Read More


Placed offers way for app developers to make money from user location data

App developers can already monetize location data of its users, but often times it comes with messy and disruptive advertisements. Placed, a Seattle location analytics startup, has a better solution. Today the company introduced a new product called Placed Affiliate, which lets developers monetize location data for market research, not ads. “Placed believes that location is the currency for mobile,… Read More


Want rewards? New Placed app offers incentives for having your location tracked

Some people would do anything to avoid having their location tracked via their mobile devices. But Seattle startup Placed today introduced a free app that encourages people to let companies track their location in exchange for possible rewards. It’s called Placed Panels, and it lets marketers create a unique panel for their company for free and recruit participants,… Read More