Can’t find a partner? It’s probably you

When I was in middle school I saw a fantastic one act play called Sure Thing by David Ives.  The premise is simple – a guy approaches a woman at a café and attempts a conversation, and every time he screws it up a bell dings softly and the scene resets: Excuse me, is this… Read More


My five favorite pitches from the TechStars Seattle Demo Day

TechStars Seattle today concluded their three-month long startup bootcamp as 10 companies presented their business ideas to a packed crowd at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. It’s been a long, hard voyage for each of the companies, starting with a vigorous application process in which just two percent of applicants were accepted. Many of the… Read More


LikeBright: Helping nice gals find good dudes since 2011

The problem with many online dating sites is that they are dominated by dudes, sometimes creating an unwelcoming environment for 50 percent of the population. LikeBright co-founders Sonya Lai, Ron Lai and Nick Soman want to flip the model on its head, creating a service where women can vouch for guys they know and tag… Read More