Lenovo takes third place in U.S. PC sales, passing Apple’s Mac line for first time

Lenovo said today that its U.S. PC sales for the fiscal fourth quarter passed Apple’s Mac sales for the first time, putting it into third place for the American market. That’s a significant milestone for the Hong Kong-based company, which is well known for acquiring IBM’s personal computer business in 2005 and selling the popular ThinkPad… Read More


Microsoft: You will fail your college classes using an iPad

It’s late August, and that means back to school at thousands of college campuses around the world. Aimed at university students who might be considering a tablet purchase, Microsoft just came out with a new advertisement that carries a simple message: iPads suck in class. In another swing at Apple, the 30-second spot touts the… Read More


The other Microsoft Surface mystery: Keyboard included?

In many ways it’s the signature feature of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet computer — the magnetically attached cover that doubles as a keyboard. Microsoft says the keyboard/cover will come in two different varieties: one with a touch-sensitive surface, dubbed Touch Cover; and another with slightly raised keys for better typing, dubbed Type Cover. However, the company… Read More


How the iPad made Apple the top ‘PC’ vendor, and what it means for Windows

What is a “personal computer” in 2012? Do tablets count? Most of the major technology research firms say no. As reflected in the chart above, they count PCs and tablets separately when reporting their data. “Media tablets” such as the iPad and Kindle Fire are separate from traditional desktop and notebook computers. But increasingly it’s becoming… Read More


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: First buzzworthy Windows 8 PC?

Posting from Las Vegas: Notebooks that convert into tablets aren’t new, but Lenovo is turning heads here at the Consumer Electronics Show this week with a new twist on the concept — or maybe it’s a better to call it a new backflip. Rather than swiveling or popping off, the screen on the company’s newly unveiled… Read More