An HTC employee shows off the "Selfie Bot"

These geeks spent hundreds of hours building Lego robots that do amazing things

Legos. Robots. Software. Yes, EMP was turned into a geek paradise Thursday night as seven teams from top technology companies in the state faced off in the “Build for Good Robot Competition,” a unique competition sponsored by Lego Mindstorms. Teams — including developers from Amazon, Expedia, HTC, Microsoft and Zulily — competed for glory and prestige with… Read More


How a father-and-son Lego project sparked an iPad game

Seattle entrepreneur Hillel Cooperman loves Legos. So, each year, the founder of Jackson Fish Market gets excited for BrickCon, a 2-day event which showcases masterpieces made of the plastic building blocks. This year, however, Cooperman is doing something a bit different. He plans to showcase a creation which has a bit of a high-tech twist…. Read More