Microsoft vs. Motorola: Jury seated, patent trial set to start

A jury of seven women and one man will hear opening statements in federal court in Seattle this afternoon in a high-profile patent suit between Microsoft and Motorola —a key case in a broader set of disputes between Microsoft and Google, the smartphone maker’s parent company. After seating the jury and dismissing them for lunch,… Read More


Microsoft to rename SkyDrive to settle trademark dispute

In a major change for one of Microsoft’s key online services, the company will rename its SkyDrive cloud storage service as a result of a trademark settlement announced this morning with British Sky Broadcasting, after losing a court case in the European Union. Microsoft isn’t commenting beyond an official announcement (below), but the change appears… Read More


Report: files federal complaint to preserve $600 million CIA contract has filed a federal complaint over a $600 million contract to provide cloud computing services to the Central Intelligence Agency, a contract that competing bidder IBM disputes. A spokeswoman for said that the CIA, which initially pushed for Amazon Web Services, made the right decision initially. “We believe that the CIA selected [Amazon Web… Read More


Microsoft appeals to AG Holder, cites Constitutional right to address spying controversy

Microsoft today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, asking him or President Obama to personally intervene to allow the company “to share publicly more complete information about how we handle national security requests for customer information.” The company also disputed a report by the Guardian last week that said Microsoft gave the NSA the… Read More


Board battle: Flipboard accuses Flowboard of trademark infringement

Flipboard and Flowboard are two companies with names that start with “F,” and end with “board,” but the comparisons pretty much stop there. But Flipboard, the San Francisco-based popular digital social magazine, is accusing Flowboard of trademark infringement. Treemo Labs-owned Flowboard, the Seattle-based startup that makes an iPad storytelling app, certainly does not agree and is… Read More


Legal puzzle: Amazon and former employee set for trial in unusual patent dispute

The clear acrylic trophy is shaped like a puzzle piece, with the Amazon logo and the inscription, “In recognition of your innovative thinking and contribution to our technology. Congratulations on being an Amazon inventor!” It bears the signature of “Jeff” — a.k.a. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos — and is given to employees to commemorate a patent filing…. Read More


Sprint launches legal attack, says Dish attempted to ‘fool’ Clearwire shareholders in ‘bad faith’ bid

Well, nearly everyone saw this coming. Sprint has turned to the courts to try to stop Dish Network’s purchase of Clearwire, the Bellevue-broadband wireless company that’s highly coveted for its wireless spectrum. In a lawsuit filed today against Dish and Clearwire, Sprint argues in the 45-page document that Dish’s proposed buyout violates Delaware Corporate Law and… Read More


Watch out, Intellectual Ventures? President Obama says enough with patent shenanigans

Now, this could get rather interesting. President Barack Obama is expected to announce measures on Tuesday that could curb the practices of patent holding firms, reports The Wall Street Journal. The president’s foray into the debate over so-called patent trolls could have profound implications in the Seattle tech industry as Bellevue-based Intellectual Ventures is known… Read More


E-books: Apple’s federal court showdown starts today

The dispute over Apple’s alleged price-fixing of e-books comes to a head today as a case brought against the company by the U.S. Justice Department in 2012 goes to trial in federal court in Manhattan. Apple is accused of conspiring with book publishers to raise prices on e-books via the iBookstore. The Justice Department claims… Read More

Nathan Myhrvold

Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures is now going after banks, sues PNC and First National Bank of Omaha

Intellectual Ventures, the patent holding company led by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, is turning its attention to financial institutions. Today, the Bellevue-based firm — which has already engaged in litigation with the likes of Toshiba, Canon, Symantec, AT&T, CenturyLink and Windstream,— announced that it has sued two financial services firms: First National Bank of Omaha and PNC. (Follow links… Read More


Amazon’s IMDb wins verdict against 41-year-old actress who sued for revealing her age

A federal jury in Seattle ruled in favor of’s IMDb yesterday in a case brought by a 41-year-old actress whose birthdate was revealed against her wishes on the popular movie and television database site. Texas actress Huong “Junie” Hoang originally filed her suit as a “Jane Doe,” in October 2011. She alleged that IMDb was able… Read More

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Microsoft, Expedia, others file complaint over Google’s domain name ‘land grab’, a lobbying group whose backers include Microsoft, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Nokia, has filed objections over Google’s attempts to take control of genric top-level domains such as .search, .fly, .map and more than 100 other extensions. Calling it a domain name “land grab,” Farisearch argues in its complaint to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and… Read More