On opening day for pot sales, Leafly sponsors food trucks

What better place to connect with pot consumers than a taco truck, next to a head shop? That’s the very logical marketing strategy being used in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood today by Leafly, the marijuana review app. The company marked the first day of legal marijuana sales in Washington state by sponsoring several food trucks around Seattle, in… Read More

Privateer Holdings co-founders Michael Blue, Christian Groh and Brendan Kennedy.

This marijuana startup is looking to raise $50M to help people find, purchase pot

For Brendan Kennedy, Michael Blue and Christian Groh, raising money a few years ago was a real slog. The reason was simple: Investors were wary of putting money behind a company that was involved in the marijuana industry. But now, as cannabis use has become more accepted and a majority of Americans now favor legalization, the three founders of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings are rolling… Read More


Budding entrepreneurs pitch marijuana-related startup ideas to 60 investors in Seattle

In both Washington and Colorado, you’ll soon be able to walk into a store, purchase some pot and light one up at home — all legally. Entrepreneurs and investors are certainly taking notice. They see a market full of opportunity, whether it’s building a “Yelp for marijuana strains,” or building out a national premium pot company. This morning… Read More


Budding business: Startup lights up with $7 million to grow the Yelp of medical marijuana

Business is budding for Privateer Holdings Inc., a Seattle company that just reeled in $7 million in a series A round. Privateer was founded three years ago by Brendan Kennedy, Michael Blue and Christian Groh specifically for the medical marijuana industry. Its flagship acquisition is Leafly, a unique review-site for medical marijuana patients to find the right strains and… Read More


Business budding for marijuana startup as investors change attitude after legalization

With the former president of Mexico beside him high up in Seattle’s tallest skyscraper, Diego Pellicer founder Jamen Shivley announced to the world last Thursday plans to turn his commercial marijuana company into the Starbucks of Pot. While the press conference produced headlines across the globe, it also drew the ire of Washington’s “Pot Czar” Mark Kleiman, who called Shively… Read More


What legalization means for a medical marijuana startup

Over the past few years, Leafly CEO Brendan Kennedy has told potential investors that marijuana legalization is both inevitable and much closer than people realize. He refers to a “Berlin Wall” of marijuana prohibition that’s waiting to be taken down. With Washington (I-502) and Colorado (Amendment 64) becoming the first two states to legalize marijuana… Read More