Early stakeholders in Scout Analytics claim venture capitalists engaged in ‘self dealing, corporate waste’ prior to $32M acquisition

Not everyone is happy about today’s $32 million acquisition of Scout Analytics by ServiceSource. A group of series A preferred stockholders filed suit last week in King County Superior Court alleging that Scout Analytics’ board, including CEO Mark Upson and venture capitalist John Connors, engaged in “self-dealing, corporate waste, and gross negligence” by failing to explore… Read More


Hey, startups: Pretty soon you’ll be able to talk about your fundraising efforts

The world changes for startups on September 23. How? On that date, thanks to the JOBS Act, it will become legal for startups to “generally solicit” and “generally advertise” their securities offerings. Startups haven’t been able to actively promote their private fundraising efforts, well, since before we were all born. This is big deal. What do these… Read More


Board battle: Flipboard accuses Flowboard of trademark infringement

Flipboard and Flowboard are two companies with names that start with “F,” and end with “board,” but the comparisons pretty much stop there. But Flipboard, the San Francisco-based popular digital social magazine, is accusing Flowboard of trademark infringement. Treemo Labs-owned Flowboard, the Seattle-based startup that makes an iPad storytelling app, certainly does not agree and is… Read More


After purchase by private equity firm, Applied Discovery cuts staff but plans big hiring spree

You may have missed this — as we did. But last month, the New York private equity firm Siris Capital Group quietly purchased Bellevue-based Applied Discovery from LexisNexis. At the time of the deal, Applied Discovery’s Jon Resnick wrote in a blog post that business would operate as usual through the transition, which was described as… Read More


A sign of a bubble? Startup-related legal questions surge in Silicon Valley, Seattle

There are all multiple ways to measure if the startup tech market is booming: IPOs, venture capital, inflated valuations in M&A deals. But Avvo, the Seattle online directory of lawyers, has been tracking another interesting metric: startup-related questions in its legal Q&A forum. Pageviews at Avvo for startup-related terms — such as “non-compete agreement” and… Read More


BlueCat enters patent deal with Intellectual Ventures

Intellectual Ventures, the patent holding firm operated by former Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myhrvold, has inked a deal with BlueCat Networks of Toronto. As part of the agreement, BlueCat has acquired patents from Intellectual Ventures and become a members of its “IP Defense” program. “This agreement with IV provides us with the intellectual property… Read More


New Stanford Law building is amazing, and it comes courtesy of an ex-Microsoftie

Stanford University has minted plenty of Silicon Valley high-tech millionaires and billionaires over the years. But Microsoft money helped pay for Stanford Law School’s newest building. The university this week dedicated the William H. Neukom Building, a 65,000-square-foot structure that’s designed to support the school’s mission to “transform legal education.” Neukom, of course, is the former… Read More