‘Stalker’ aircraft makes first laser-powered outdoor flights

A small unmanned aircraft used for military intelligence and reconnaissance missions has completed a series of outdoor test flights using power from a ground-based laser beam. The tests, conducted during both day and night, mark the first-ever laser-powered outdoor flight of an unmanned aerial system, or UAS. Lockheed Martin and LaserMotive, which partnered on the… Read More


Laser power test extends flight time of spy plane to 48 hours

Seattle area startup LaserMotive and defense giant Lockheed Martin today announced that they’ve successfully completed tests of a laser-based power system to keep an unmanned aircraft in flight for more than 48 hours. Led by Tom Nugent, the former research director for LiftPort Group, and Dr. Jordin Kare, an expert on laser propulsion, LaserMotive is… Read More


LaserMotive to work on NASA power-beaming project

LaserMotive, a company south of Seattle developing ways of beaming power via lasers, has been named as one of the participants in a new NASA technology project that aims to provide external power sources for future aerospace vehicles. The NASA initiative, called Ride the Light, was announced last month, and LaserMotive announced its participation this… Read More