Report: Amazon may offer its smartphone for free

Amazon wants to offer people a five-finger discount on their upcoming smartphone, according to a new report. Former Wall Street Journal reporters Amir Efrati and Jessica Lessin, citing sources at Amazon with knowledge of the company’s plans, say that the Seattle-based retail giant is contemplating a plan to make a big splash in the smartphone market… Read More


Why is Jeff Bezos hanging out in Silicon Valley this summer?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not enjoying this beautiful Seattle summer. Instead, it appears Bezos is camped out in Silicon Valley helping some of his employees with new hardware devices. Sources tell Brad Stone from Businessweek that Bezos is heads-down in the Bay Area working with Amazon’s Lab126 hardware-focused unit. Lab126 is responsible for the design and… Read More


Amazon seeks Lab126 trademarks in advance of expected tablet debut has quietly applied for trademarks on the name and logo of Lab126 — the internal group behind the Amazon Kindle e-reader and, by all accounts, an upcoming Android tablet from the Seattle company. The trademark applications, spotted by GeekWire this weekend, were filed Aug. 16 under the classification, “design and development of computer hardware… Read More