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Klout’s acquisition gives Microsoft a tiny bit more social media clout

Klout, a platform which measures your influence online — and has close ties to Microsoft — has been acquired by San Francisco-based Lithium Technologies. In 2012, Microsoft made an investment in Klout and began to integrate the startup’s social status information into Bing. Through the partnership, Klout scores appeared in Bing and Klout was able… Read More


Klout Experts: A new Q+A platform that appears atop Bing search results

Social media metrics company Klout is making a move into the social question-and-answer space and is getting some distribution help from Bing to make it happen. Klout, a platform which measures your social media influence, today introduced Klout Experts. Here’s how it works: Klout “experts,” or those who have heavy influence in certain areas like technology and food,… Read More

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Klout investment just the latest social deal for Microsoft

OK, so this is officially a trend. With the announcement yesterday that Microsoft will make a “strategic investment” in social media metrics company Klout, the Redmond company is taking another step to boost its social media street cred. The deal follows Microsoft’s investment in Facebook, its acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion, and its purchase… Read More


The latest influence score to obsess over: Klouchebag

If you say nothing else about social media, you can at least say it’s developing a sense of humor. Mean? Maybe. Self-deprecating? Definitely. But it’s a sense of humor. The latest evidence is Klouchebag, a parody of Klout’s influence score that launched earlier today. And if the name of the site isn’t enough to clue… Read More


Free Klout trips a success, says Seattle tourism bureau

What’s the price of influence? It may just be a free trip to Seattle. While the digerati, including Wired in its May issue, debate the true influence of high-scorers on the social media ranking site Klout, the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau declares its Klout-centric experiment a rousing success. Early this year, the SCVB invited 30 individuals… Read More