Microsoft to debut new Kinect for Windows this summer

Just a few days after showing off photos of the new Kinect for Windows, Microsoft announced at its Build conference that the motion-tracking device will hit shelves sometime this summer. The Redmond software giant previously said that the Kinect for Windows v2 would be arriving in 2014, but hadn’t specified a time. Microsoft notes that… Read More

PrimeSense's "Carmine" 3D sensor

Report: Apple buys PrimeSense, the maker of the original Kinect sensor

After countless rumors pointing to an acquisition, Apple has finally pulled the trigger and bought PrimeSense. According to a report by AllThingsD, Apple purchased the Israel-based manufacturer of 3D sensing products for around $360 million. Neither company has discussed the terms of the deal. If PrimeSense’s name sounds familiar, that’s because it made the sensor… Read More


Video demo: Putting Xbox One voice commands to the test

“Xbox, Watch TV.” “Xbox, Go to Forza Motorsport 5.” “Xbox, Mute.” These are just a few of the phrases you can say in your living room that Microsoft’s newest console will recognize. With the Xbox One, Microsoft is making a big bet on voice commands — significantly expanding the vocabulary of words recognized by the… Read More


Kinect-controlled water fountains? Student contest focuses on fluid interfaces

Next stop, the Bellagio? Computer-controlled water fountains are giving an unusual twist to an annual student contest that explores new ways of interacting with computer hardware. Check out the video above for some of the examples from organizers, showing what’s possible — including using Microsoft Kinect to “shape” a water show in real time using… Read More


This app uses Kinect technology to prevent you from running into things while texting

Good news for smartphone addicts who just can’t keep their eyes off the iPhone: There’s an app in development designed to alert you of oncoming traffic. Juan Hincapié-Ramos, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Manitoba’s, is working on early-stage development of an app called CrashAlert that uses a depth-sensing camera to alert you of oncoming… Read More


Next-gen Kinect coming to Windows in 2014

Among the array of new features unveiled at Microsoft’s Xbox One revealing on Tuesday were the upgrades to the new Kinect sensor. Today Microsoft announced that same improvements to the motion-tracking system for Xbox will be coming to the next-generation Kinect for Windows and will arrive on shelves at some point next year. Microsoft wouldn’t disclose… Read More


The next Xbox: What to expect from Microsoft’s new console

Well, we’re almost there. In less than 24 hours, the tech world will be listening and watching in anticipation as Microsoft officially unveils the next generation of the Xbox. The console market has been struggling, but Microsoft — which has led in the U.S. in console sales for 28 consecutive months — is aiming to shake things up… Read More


How this startup went from Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator to creating a kickass iOS app

If you haven’t heard of Freak’n Genius, well, the past week at the company will tell you everything you need to know. The Seattle-based startup just debuted a extremely funny mobile app called YAKiT, which lets you manipulate the mouths of your family, friends, cats, dogs, celebrities and really, just about anything. To help promote and market… Read More


How this Tokyo retailer used Kinect to turn mannequins into marionettes

You can always count on Japan for the weirdest inventions out there. The latest head-scratcher involves Microsoft’s Kinect and a Tokyo retailer shop called United Arrows. The store created the Marionettebot, which is essentially a Kinect hack that combines the motion-sensing camera with display mannequins. The video gives you a better idea of this crazy… Read More


Microsoft: 24M Kinects sold, Xbox Live hits 46M members

Microsoft this afternoon released a wave of stats related to the Xbox 360, including Xbox Live membership growth and the first official update on Kinect sales in more than a year. The company says it has now sold 24 million Kinect sensors since the motion controller launched in the fall of 2010. That’s up from… Read More


Microsoft: Big possibilities for ‘IllumiRoom’ technology

“Some companies talk about a reality distortion field — we’ve actually built one.” That is how Eric Rudder, Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer, introduced the Redmond company’s IllumiRoom project at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, in the video above from the Samsung keynote. IllumiRoom is a research prototype that uses a projector and Kinect… Read More


Microsoft Kinect helping soldiers with physical therapy

There are lots of applications for Microsoft’s Kinect. Some let you dance your pants off, while others can improve your fitness. But here’s one that might have a little more importance: Microsoft is working with the Air Force to help soldiers regain their strength after fighting for the country. The Redmond software giant is combining… Read More