Borrow books: Amazon testing Kindle rental service

Speed readers rejoice: Amazon seems to be testing out a new rental service for books. The Seattle retail giant already has a textbook rental service that it debuted in July 2011. But Engadget just noticed a non-textbook available to rent called The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking. While the title is published by Princeton University… Read More


O, Canada: Amazon expanding Prime service north, but without Instant Video and e-book lending

Amazon Prime is now available in Canada but without a few key benefits. The Seattle online retail giant announced today that Prime membership is launching in Canada for 79 CAD per year. Amazon Prime shoppers in Canada can now enjoy free two-day shipping. However, the Canadian version of Prime does not include benefits like Instant Video… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Copycat: Amazon trademark filings indicate Kindle protection plan almost identical to AppleCare

Looks like Amazon is taking a bite out of the Apple. GigaOM spotted a trademark application indicating that Amazon is considering an extended warranty and repair service for the Kindle. It’s more than just similar to Apple’s repair service, AppleCare — the wording of the trademark description is nearly identical to Apple’s trademark. Here’s Amazon’s: “Maintenance,… Read More


Need a good read? Amazon unveils top 10 best-selling books of 2012

Here’s what we learned from Amazon’s top-10 best-selling books of 2012: People love bad boy romance novels and independent publishers are more important than ever. The Seattle retail giant unveiled its top-10 books of the year and “Fifty Shades Freed,” the third book of E.L. James’ extremely popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, took the… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Amazon Deal of the Day: $50 off Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

For those looking to snag the biggest and newest Kindle Fire HD, today might be the day to do it. Amazon’s Deal of the Day knocks $50 off both the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ ($249 today) and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ with 4G LTE ($449 today) by entering FIREHD89 at checkout. Amazon is limiting the promotion… Read More


Amazon Kindle brings ‘X-Ray’ feature to iPhone and iPad app

Amazon just updated its Kindle app for iOS with its “X-Ray” feature, which lets readers quickly get background information on characters, places and other aspects of the book they’re reading. X-Ray debuted on the company’s Kindle e-readers, but it’s the first time the feature has been rolled out for one of the company’s apps on… Read More

Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Kindle sales reach new record, whatever that means

Amazon announced this morning that Cyber Monday was the biggest day on record for Kindle sales, and sales of the devices over the holiday shopping weekend were more than double the record set during the same weekend last year. However, the company is sticking to its tradition of not disclosing actual Kindle sales numbers in… Read More


An Amazon smartphone? Jimmy Fallon grills Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show Thursday night and talked about Amazon’s early days, how the company competes with Apple and a potential Amazon smartphone. Well, Bezos actually said nothing about the smartphone after being prodded by Fallon to spill the beans. But Bezos still discussed plenty more, including how… Read More


Amazon jabs at iPad with high-profile home page ad

Amazon’s special messages to customers on its home page are usually very upbeat, touting the latest products and services from the company in positive tones. But the message appearing right now on is anything but polite, starting off with a quote from Gizmodo calling Apple “ballsy” for “cramming a worse screen screen in [the… Read More


Amazon ‘Whispercast’ aims to boost Kindles at school, work

A new service launched by this morning is designed to expand the company’s Kindle devices beyond the nightstand and the beach, giving them a bigger presence in the office and the classroom. The service, dubbed Whispercast (not to be confused with Amazon’s Whispernet), is a tool that lets companies and schools centrally manage large deployments of… Read More


Amazon says goodbye to the Kindle DX

The big Kindle is going bye-bye. It appears that after slashing prices of the e-book reader, Amazon has decided to stop selling its Kindle DX altogether. No longer is the DX listed side-by-side with the Kindle family and it’s only available to buy from third-party sellers. The DX and its 9.7″ screen is about two… Read More


Kindle Paperwhite debuts to (mostly) glowing reviews

Amazon started shipping its new Kindle Paperwhite front-lit e-reader this morning. It’s not the first lighted e-reader to hit the market, as Barnes & Noble made sure everybody knew over the weekend. However, the early reviews suggest that Amazon has a winner on its hands. The big question: How is the screen?  Roberto Baldwin of Wired… Read More


Walmart follows Target, stops selling Amazon Kindles

Seeing the online retailer as a threat to profits, Walmart has decided to follow Target in removing the Amazon Kindle lineup from its offerings of tablets and e-readers in stores. With Amazon tablets selling at reduced prices to increase online digital sales, Walmart will phase out Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-books until current inventory is… Read More


Amazon to let you buy real stuff inside Kindle Fire apps

At the Kindle launch event last week, founder Jeff Bezos spoke briefly about an effort to allow consumers to purchase physical goods from within applications. Now, we’re getting the first look at how this can work on the Kindle Fire HD. Activision today said that players of the its Skylanders Cloud Patrol game will… Read More


Bezos: Amazon ‘loaded plane with Kindles’ to test safety

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a great read from Nick Bilton illustrating the challenges that travelers and airlines will face in trying to get the Federal Aviation Administration to move quickly to loosen its rules for devices on flights. We speculated a couple weeks ago that the review of those rules could… Read More