Amazon: Why $9.99 e-books are better for everyone, including Hachette

Amazon has gone public with new details about its high-profile standoff with book publisher Hachette, confirming that the e-commerce giant is trying to lock in a standard price of $9.99 for e-books — and making the case that the lower price is actually better for everyone involved, including the publisher. “Many e-books are being released at $14.99 and even $19.99,”… Read More


Amazon Kindle apps get new Audible integration, syncing

Amazon added audiobook integration to its Kindle apps for iOS and Android this morning, further tightening the connection between the Kindle platform and the company’s Audible audiobook subsidiary. The new feature brings Amazon’s “Whispersync for Voice” feature to its primary e-book apps on third-party devices — letting users quickly switch between reading and listening to a book without leaving the app. The “Whispersync… Read More

Barnes & Noble CEO Michael Huseby

Interview: Barnes & Noble CEO ‘not worried about Amazon’ as Nook ties fortunes to Samsung

Barnes & Noble laid out a new plan for its Nook e-reader business this morning, announcing plans to partner with Samsung on a Nook-branded Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. So what does this mean for the bookseller’s partnership with Microsoft, and its competition with Amazon? GeekWire spoke with Barnes & Noble CEO Mike Huseby via phone this morning, getting… Read More


Why this U.S. ambassador was sworn in on a Kindle

Yes, it’s true: Suzi LeVine, a former Microsoft and Expedia executive, non-profit leader and new U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, took the oath of office using a Kindle loaded up with a copy of the U.S. Constitution, as she was sworn in by VP Joe Biden. It’s believed to be a first for U.S. ambassadors,… Read More

Look to the app

Amazon: Education’s passive lurker gets aggressive

If you want to see the future of Amazon in education, don’t look to Seattle. Look to Sao Paulo. For months, I’ve wondered what Amazon’s strategy for the Kindle in education might be. Amazon’s presence in the K-12 school market has been notable largely by its absence. No grand, sweeping announcements. No blow-out presentations at… Read More


Layoffs hit Barnes & Noble’s Nook division

Barnes & Noble has laid off a number of employees in its Nook division in order to bring its costs in line with “business realities,” according to a statement from spokesperson Mary Ellen Keating. Still, they say they’re optimistic about the Nook’s chances, even as its team shrinks. “We believe we have a strong management… Read More


Surprise: Amazon tests physical retail with ‘Kindle Kiosk’ vending machines

LAS VEGAS — Amazon, the company that defined the world of online commerce, is venturing further into the world of physical retail — experimenting with standalone, automated “Kindle Kiosk” vending machines in selected airports and shopping malls. The machines sell everything from the $379 Kindle Fire HDX to a $20 Kindle PowerFast adapter, in addition… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle Fire blows away rival tablets with increase in Christmas activations

Amazon has typically seen its Kindle Fire tablet sales spike during the holidays, even more than a typical seasonal increase, and 2013 appears to be no different. Mobile app analytics firm Flurry just released some holiday tablet sales numbers and noted that on Christmas, Amazon’s tablets were activated 24 times more often than on a normal December… Read More


Kindle Fire HDX: The business person’s frenemy

When the Kindle Fire HDX was first released, I read reviews that raved how this Kindle finally added business-friendly features, enough to garner it the blessing of corporate IT departments. Apparently, none of the reviewers had actually tried to use those features. Sure, the HDX is beautiful and easily the most functional Kindle Fire yet…. Read More


Amazon adds Goodreads, FreeTime to Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon announced today that the Kindle Paperwhite will be getting an update that adds integration with Goodreads, as well as support for Kindle FreeTime, the company’s reading encouragement software for the Kindle that allows parents to pick out books for their kids, and reward them for reading. The Goodreads functionality will allow users to update… Read More