Will Kindle's soon have airbags to prevent cracked screens?

Kindle sales reach new record, whatever that means

Amazon announced this morning that Cyber Monday was the biggest day on record for Kindle sales, and sales of the devices over the holiday shopping weekend were more than double the record set during the same weekend last year. However, the company is sticking to its tradition of not disclosing actual Kindle sales numbers in… Read More


Amazon grabs 9% of tablet market, as iPad slips to 50%

Apple lost market share in the worldwide tablet market in the third quarter, as potential buyers waited for the company’s iPad mini announcement, while Amazon and Samsung gained ground with their Android-based tablets, according to numbers released this morning by the IDC research firm. Shipments of the iPad rose to 14 million in the quarter,… Read More


Amazon jabs at iPad with high-profile home page ad

Amazon’s special messages to customers on its home page are usually very upbeat, touting the latest products and services from the company in positive tones. But the message appearing right now on Amazon.com is anything but polite, starting off with a quote from Gizmodo calling Apple “ballsy” for “cramming a worse screen screen in [the… Read More


Amazon says goodbye to the Kindle DX

The big Kindle is going bye-bye. It appears that after slashing prices of the e-book reader, Amazon has decided to stop selling its Kindle DX altogether. No longer is the DX listed side-by-side with the Kindle family and it’s only available to buy from third-party sellers. The DX and its 9.7″ screen is about two… Read More


Amazon to let you buy real stuff inside Kindle Fire apps

At the Kindle launch event last week, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos spoke briefly about an effort to allow consumers to purchase physical goods from within applications. Now, we’re getting the first look at how this can work on the Kindle Fire HD. Activision today said that players of the its Skylanders Cloud Patrol game will… Read More


Video: Amazon’s 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD in action

Posting from Santa Monica, Calif.: The new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD was the one new device that Amazon didn’t let reporters handle during the demo period of the company’s event today here. But Amazon execs did have units on hand and provide tours of the basic features. See the video above for a guided tour… Read More

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the Kindle Fire HD launch. Amazon announced Monday that the tablet is the best-selling product across all of Amazon worldwide.

Live: Amazon unveils new Kindles and ‘Kindle Fire HD’

Posting from Santa Monica, Calif.: I’m here this morning for Amazon’s big press event at an airplane hangar, where the company is expected to unveil a new lineup of Kindle readers, plus the next version of the Kindle Fire tablet, and possibly a surprise or two. Amazon provided a sneak peek at the new products… Read More


Ads on a tablet? How Amazon could upend the market

Here’s an important story to note, in the category of news you may have missed over the holiday. The Wall Street Journal, quoting anonymous sources, reported over the weekend that Amazon is preparing to launch an ad-supported tablet — presumably as part of the next wave of Kindle Fire devices — aiming to appeal even more… Read More


Amazon pinpoints Nokia as mapping partner for next-generation Kindle Fire

Amazon.com has reportedly chosen Nokia to provide the mapping technology on the next-generation Kindle Fire, a device that is expected to be launched at an event in Santa Monica, California next Thursday. This may appear to be a minor development. However, in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of tech, where alliances and partnerships change frequently, the… Read More


Amazon sets press event for Sept. 6 in California

We’re still waiting to see how Amazon will upgrade its Kindle lineup, but at least now we know when we’ll know. Amazon sent out invites a short time ago for a press conference to be held the morning of Sept. 6 in Santa Monica, Calif. The invitation we received doesn’t provide any details or hints… Read More


Now appearing at the FCC: Amazon’s next Kindle Fire?

Here’s some new evidence to support the theory that Amazon is coming out with a (roughly) 10-inch Kindle Fire to compete with Apple’s iPad. A device that could very well be the larger Amazon tablet has surfaced in a Federal Communications Commission filing, reports Nate Hoffelder of the Digital Reader blog. He notes that the… Read More


Discount time: Nook, iPhone join Kindle in price cuts

Summer must be ending soon. Not only are the daylight hours shrinking, but so are the prices on many soon-to-be-out-of-date consumer electronics devices in the buildup to the launch of new products. Barnes & Noble this morning joined in the pre-fall price-cutting trend by dropping the starting price of the Nook Tablet to $179 and… Read More


How the iPad made Apple the top ‘PC’ vendor, and what it means for Windows

What is a “personal computer” in 2012? Do tablets count? Most of the major technology research firms say no. As reflected in the chart above, they count PCs and tablets separately when reporting their data. “Media tablets” such as the iPad and Kindle Fire are separate from traditional desktop and notebook computers. But increasingly it’s becoming… Read More


Amazon’s Kindle Fire settles in at 5% of tablet market

Amazon shipped more than 1.2 million Kindle Fire tablets worldwide in the second quarter, up significantly from the first quarter, but strong sales of Apple’s iPad left the Amazon device with a relatively modest slice of the overall market, about 5 percent. Those are the latest numbers from the IDC research firm, released this morning…. Read More


Report: Amazon plans up to 6 new Kindle Fire variations

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet launched last fall with just one option for buyers, a 7-inch model with 8 GB of storage, WiFi and no mobile broadband. That’s about to change, according to a report this morning. The story by Reuters digs into Amazon’s mobile ambitions, quoting a top Staples retail executive saying that Amazon will… Read More


Analysts turn sour on Amazon, cite Kindle delays and weakness

Amazon.com has heard this one before. Stock analysts are turning bearish on the Seattle online retailer, the company that once was dubbed “Amazon.toast” during the dot-com bust (but later went on to dominate online retailing and cloud computing). Forbes reports on two analysts this week who point out possible weakness in the company’s business, tied… Read More