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What happens when today’s kids meet an Apple II

Personal computers have come a long way since the days of the Altair and the Apple I. While those computers were formative experiences for those of us who still remember when floppy disks were actually floppy, they’re nothing like the modern machines that people use today. So what happens when you sit today’s kids –… Read More


Children’s books on steroids: Nation9 brings stories to life on your tablet

Sometimes, we all wish we could go back to being a lovely little toddler again. That’s even more true with what startup companies like Nation9 are doing to revolutionize children’s books. Seattle-based Nation9 is a next-generation digital and interactive publisher. The company, founded in November 2011 and based in Kirkland, publishes its own line of… Read More


Dorky’s Arcade: ‘THIS IS NOT CHUCKY CHEESE!!!’

What is the proper role of the arcade in modern society? Should it be a place for boozing adults, or screaming kids? And can it be both? That is the question raised by the actions of the proprietors of the well-regarded Dorky’s Arcade, in downtown Tacoma, Wash., who have declared on the arcade’s Facebook page that… Read More