Jordan Weisman: ‘Warning: Startups may be dangerous to your health (and ego)’

Jordan Weisman is a veteran game designer who made headlines this year for an epic Kickstarter campaign, raising $1.8 million for Shadowrun Returns, a revival of the franchise from his current company, Harebrained Schemes. The serial entrepreneur is known for startups including FASA, Virtual World Entertainment, Wizkids, 42 Entertainment, and Smith & Tinker. Weisman shared… Read More


Meet the GoldieBlox: An engineering toy just for girls

Well, this is interesting timing. I’m currently at the Harvey Nash CIO event in downtown Seattle where panelists are discussing the role of women in technology. All of the panelists — Darren Austin of Glympse; Kate Matsudaira of Decide; and Scott Sikora of WhitePages — agree that more needs to be done to get younger… Read More


Game designer Monte Cook raises over $345k for tabletop game Numenera

Seattle-based game designer Monte Cook is a familiar name to many fans of traditional roleplaying games, having worked on titles such as Dungeons & Dragons (3rd Edition) and the d20 edition of Call of Cthulhu. Cook’s latest project — Numenera — is a science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game currently on Kickstarter, where it has raised over $345,000. That… Read More

planet 200

Uber Entertainment closer to ‘Planetary Annihilation’ with $900,000 Kickstarter effort

Do you sit around all day, wishing you could engage in some post-apocalyptic planet-destroying action, pitting your strategy against other wannabe planet-destroyers in real time? Well, ‘Planetary Annihilation’ is one step closer to becoming the reality to pin all your intergalactic planetary destruction hopes and energies on. Because that stuff really needs to get channeled… Read More


Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter project aims to dump site ads

Everybody’s doing Kickstarter, so why not Gabe and Tycho, too? That’s the news today from Penny Arcade, the Seattle-based media and conference company that has grown up around the popular Penny Arcade Expo events and Penny Arcade webcomic, featuring the alter egos of writer Jerry Holkins and artist Mike Krahulik. Penny Arcade has launched a Kickstarter… Read More


Victory for swordsmanship: Clang gets $525k on Kickstarter

Clang, the sword-fighting video game project led by sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, surpassed its $500,000 goal on Kickstarter over the weekend and has now raised more than $526,000 as the crowdsourced funding campaign draws to a close. It’s the latest in a series of high-profile game projects funded through Kickstarter. The project by Stephenson’s Subutai Corp…. Read More


Asteroid miners may launch their own Kickstarter project

Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based company that plans to launch robotic spacecraft to mine near-Earth asteroids, doesn’t need extra money, backed by investors including Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, and Ross Perot Jr. But the company is considering a Kickstarter campaign to get the public more involved in its effort — offering donors benefits including the… Read More


3 keys to successful crowdfunding campaigns

There’s change in the air.  Entrepreneurs I talk to can smell it.  Especially those that are focused on consumer products.  The smell of money.  They whisper about it in hushed tones. Kickstarter. Money just waiting to be scooped up.  From consumers eager to buy the “next big thing.”  Before it’s even is a “thing” at… Read More


Author Neal Stephenson’s new sword fighting game Clang: The best Kickstarter pitch yet?

We’ve watched a lot of Kickstarter videos in recent months. But nothing — at least in our experience — compares to the wonderfully hilarious pitch from Seattle game company Subutai Corporation which is attempting to craft the most realistic sword fighting game on the planet. The pitch begins with science fiction author and Subutai chairman Neal Stephenson… Read More


Republique tops $500,000 Kickstarter funding goal

A few weeks ago, we told you about Ryan Payton’s effort to get his new game, Republique, bankrolled on Kickstarter. Well, here’s the update. This past weekend, the company surpassed its $500,000 funding goal, bringing in $555,662 from more than 11,000 backers on the crowdfunding platform. The milestone is even more significant, since as we previously… Read More


Crowdfunding gets serious as leaders form trade group

We’ve been watching in amazement as organizations such as Kickstarter gain steam, revolutionizing the way that entrepreneurs go about raising cash for their projects. And it appears that the concept of crowdfunding will continue to gain momentum, especially in light of the new Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act that was signed into law by President… Read More


After Kickstarter success game studios turn to Zipline for help

Kickstarter is revolutionizing the way that game companies raise cash as evidenced by the recent success of Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns just raised $1.8 million) and Double Fine Productions (Double Fine Adventure pulled in $3.3 million). But once the cash is raised, the developers need to get to work, delivering on the big promises made… Read More


Shadowrun Returns ends Kickstarter campaign at $1.8M

We’ve been having fun tracking the progress of Jordan Weisman’s Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Returns, watching in amazement after it blew past its original $400,000 goal in 28 hours. Now, the Kickstarter campaign for the classic video game franchise has officially concluded. And while it was not the top grossing campaign of all time on… Read More


Magic: The Gathering creator to crowd-fund mobile game

The designer of the iconic collectible physical card game Magic: The Gathering has a new venture in the virtual mobile game world — and has launched a crowd-funding initiative to make it happen. The game business site Gamasutra writes that Richard Garfield is preparing a new location-based mobile game, Map Monsters. Garfield has teamed with Seattle-based independent… Read More

Jordan Weisman

Shadowrun Returns breaks through $1.5M on Kickstarter

Shadowrun Returns, the revival of Seattle-area game designer Jordan Weisman’s classic franchise, broke through the $1.5 million mark overnight in pledges on Kickstarter. That’s more than three times the original goal of $400,000 in pledges — not the biggest Kickstarter project ever, but right up there with some of the most successful campaigns on the… Read More


Seattle design firm kicks off 999Bottles Kickstarter campaign

Consider it a kind of milestone: the iPhone is so ubiquitous, it becomes an accessory for a water bottle. That, in essence, is the idea behind 999Bottles, a project of Seattle-based tech product design firm Artefact. Artefact this week is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise (a seemingly appropriate) $99,999 for 999Bottles. That money, the company… Read More