Neal Stephenson’s sword-fighting game ‘Clang’ falls short of lofty post-Kickstarter goals

Seattle-based author-turned-video-game-designer Neal Stephenson had high ambitions for his sword-fighting game called Clang, which successfully reached its $500,000 funding goal on Kickstarter in July. Now, though, those plans have been somewhat disarmed. In an update posted on the Kickstarter page late yesterday, the Subutai team indicated that they have “hit the pause button” on development… Read More


To fund this Kickstarter, turn to page 40: Choose Your Own Adventure tries crowdfunding

When it came to elementary school literary entertainment, Choose Your Own Adventure books were, for a time, second to none. The books, with their fantastical illustrations and wacky titles like “Vampire Express” and “You are a Shark” offered the promise of a brief adventure that, in reality, usually ended with the reader’s character meeting an… Read More


Crowdfunding, eh? Kickstarter launches in Canada

Following its launch in the United Kingdom late last year, one of the world’s most popular crowdfunding platforms is coming to Canada. Kickstarter, the wildly popular crowdfunding platform, will be available in Canada starting September 9. According to the company’s blog post about its upcoming launch, all pledges for Canadian projects will be made in… Read More


Poppy raises 300% of Kickstarter goal, will turn your iPhone into a 3D camera

Here comes a white Poppy. Poppy, the oddly-shaped 3D photo and video viewing device that uses an iPhone to create what is best described as a next-generation View-Master, is scorching past its Kickstarter funding goal and its creators are ready to introduce color options with a new stretch goal. After topping its $40,000 funding goal in nine hours,… Read More


View-Master 2.0: Seattle entrepreneurs create Poppy to turn iPhones into 3D viewers

Remember, the classic View-Master device? Well, two Seattle area entrepreneurs — Urbanspoon co-founder Ethan Lowry and Snapvine founder Joe Heitzeberg — are looking to re-create that experience for the iPhone generation. Their new oddly-shaped device is called Poppy, and it turns iPhones into a camera “capable of capturing, viewing and sharing full-motion, full-color video and… Read More


Asteroid-mining company raises $1M for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

It’s official: The world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope will be sent into space within two years. Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, met its Kickstarter campaign goal of $1 million on Thursday, as more than 12,000 backers pitched in to launch a customized version of the company’s Arkyd-100 robot spaceship with an external camera into near-Earth… Read More


Meet TuTu: This super cute stuffed animal toy comes to life through an iPhone app

When I was growing up, the height of technological innovation in toys was the Furby. That fuzzy monster-thing had it all: light sensors, motion sensors, even a strategically-placed button so you could “tickle” it. Now, a new Taiwan-based company led by a former Microsoft employee is trying to kickstart the next evolution of merging electronics… Read More


Asteroid-mining company launches $1M Kickstarter campaign for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

When Planetary Resources first announced its plans to mine near-earth asteroids last year, the response was impressive. More than 3,500 people applied for jobs, another 2,500 inquired about investing and nearly 50,000 reached out wanting to get involved in some way or another. While the Bellevue-based company could only allow a select few onto the team, it knew there… Read More


StudentRND members launch Kickstarter for radiation detector, raise $13K in one week

Some Kickstarter campaigns fail to get off the ground and never reach funding goals. A project created by two members of the StudentRND community, however, is having a much different experience. Matt Chapman and David Stoyanov are developing an APOC Mini Radiation Detector to make it easy and efficient to monitor radiation. They launched their campaign… Read More


Gas Powered Games cancels Kickstarter for ‘Wildman’

Gas Powered Games unplugged its Kickstarter campaign for ‘WIldman‘ this afternoon with four days left and more than $500,000 to raise. We’ve been reporting for the past month about how CEO Chris Taylor had to let go of nearly his entire staff in January due to poor funding on Kickstarter. But then a week later, Taylor told us that he… Read More


Gas Powered CEO lays off employees, then nearly breaks down when asking for more money on Kickstarter

Chris Taylor, CEO of Redmond-based Gas Powered Games, starts this video on Kickstarter off like this: “This is the wackiest video update you’ll ever see,” he says. He’s not lying. An emotional Taylor nearly comes to tears as he explains this extremely odd story. Here’s what’s going on. Less than a week after launching a… Read More


This Kickstarter campaign is a puzzle fan’s dream — and a puzzle unto itself

Puzzazz, the Redmond-based puzzle technology startup, is turning its creative energy loose on Kickstarter with a new campaign to fund a year-long “puzzle hunt” — aiming to bring a puzzling tradition to a wider audience and support the ecosystem of independent puzzle constructors. A puzzle hunt is a collection of unique puzzles that combine to… Read More


Jordan Weisman: ‘Warning: Startups may be dangerous to your health (and ego)’

Jordan Weisman is a veteran game designer who made headlines this year for an epic Kickstarter campaign, raising $1.8 million for Shadowrun Returns, a revival of the franchise from his current company, Harebrained Schemes. The serial entrepreneur is known for startups including FASA, Virtual World Entertainment, Wizkids, 42 Entertainment, and Smith & Tinker. Weisman shared… Read More