GeekWire Awards: Vote for Geek of the Year

It’s time to kick off the voting in another key GeekWire Awards category — Geek of the Year. This is a special award, designed to recognize not just technical prowess but also efforts to strengthen the broader technology community. Reflecting that spirit, the voting in this category last year resulted in a rare tie, with computer scientist Oren… Read More


Watch Paul Allen make a Kickstarter pitch for new NBA jerseys in ‘Portlandia’ cameo

Paul Allen’s acting skills — or lack thereof — were on full display in a “Portlandia” episode earlier this month. During this season’s seventh episode of the IFC satirical comedy show that features Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, several members of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers made cameos — including the team’s owner. Allen, who bought the Blazers in… Read More

PebbleBee founders

Boeing engineers create the PebbleBee, so you never lose your keys, kids or TV remote

Are you one of those folks who always seems to lose your keys, cell phone or TV remote control? Well, don’t sweat. Here comes the PebbleBee. Developed by Boeing software engineers Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks, the PebbleBee is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled device that affixes to various personal items, notifying users if they happen to wander outside… Read More


Kickstarter celebrates 2013: A year of satellites, toys, and a whole lot of crowd funding

It was a big year for Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform released its annual year-in-review slideshow this week, complete with some new numbers about how much people are using the crowdfunding service to give money to creators looking for a push to get their idea off the ground. According to Kickstarter, 3 million backers pledged $480… Read More


Anatomy of a $631,230 Kickstarter campaign video

In early September, I launched a Kickstarter campaign for Robot Turtles – a board game that teaches programming to kids ages 3-8. It became the bestselling boardgame in Kickstarter history, and while there were a lot of moving pieces (and a lot of luck) involved in making that happen, I think the video was a… Read More


Poppy, the contraption that turns your iPhone into a 3D camera, now shipping to Kickstarter customers

Those who ordered Poppy, the device that can turn your iPhone into a 3D camera, are about to have some fun this holiday season. Poppy is the oddly-shaped 3D photo and video viewing device that uses an iPhone to create what is best described as a next-generation View-Master. Created by Seattle entrepreneurs Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry (UrbanSpoon… Read More


Geek of the Week: Wayne Bishop is bringing art to the masses, and the iPhone

Wayne Bishop has spent his entire career in technology, working as an entrepreneur, project manager and software engineer — bridging the divide between business and technology for companies including Microsoft and non-profit groups in the Seattle region. And he has immersed himself in the world of fine art. Working with his wife, Karen Bishop, he… Read More


‘Myst’ creator Cyan reaches $1.1M Kickstarter goal for new game ‘Obduction’

Cyan, the Spokane-based company best known for successful titles like Myst and Riven, just surpassed a $1.1 million funding goal on Kickstarter for its new game “Obduction.” Cyan’s new project is a real-time, first-person adventure game in a brand new world that mimics the exploration feeling that Myst and Riven fans may remember. But, as… Read More


Long-time comic book publisher Fantagraphics using Kickstarter to help save business

It has been a rough last couple of months for the folks at Fantagraphics, the Seattle-based comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1976. Fantagraphics founding partner Kim Thompson passed away in June, leaving some big shoes to fill. Thompson edited Fantagraphics’ European novels, and his death resulted in the cancelation of 13 titles… Read More


Here’s why Harebrained Schemes’ second Kickstarter attempt isn’t quite as epic

When Jordan Weisman’s Harbrained Schemes first tried to raise money on Kickstarter, the results were ridiculously fantastic. His company raised more than $1.8 million on Kickstarter to revive of the classic Shadowrun role-playing game and develop new versions of the title for tablets and PCs, blowing past the original goal of $400,000. But funding hasn’t been nearly as easy the second time… Read More


Neal Stephenson’s sword-fighting game ‘Clang’ falls short of lofty post-Kickstarter goals

Seattle-based author-turned-video-game-designer Neal Stephenson had high ambitions for his sword-fighting game called Clang, which successfully reached its $500,000 funding goal on Kickstarter in July. Now, though, those plans have been somewhat disarmed. In an update posted on the Kickstarter page late yesterday, the Subutai team indicated that they have “hit the pause button” on development… Read More


To fund this Kickstarter, turn to page 40: Choose Your Own Adventure tries crowdfunding

When it came to elementary school literary entertainment, Choose Your Own Adventure books were, for a time, second to none. The books, with their fantastical illustrations and wacky titles like “Vampire Express” and “You are a Shark” offered the promise of a brief adventure that, in reality, usually ended with the reader’s character meeting an… Read More


Crowdfunding, eh? Kickstarter launches in Canada

Following its launch in the United Kingdom late last year, one of the world’s most popular crowdfunding platforms is coming to Canada. Kickstarter, the wildly popular crowdfunding platform, will be available in Canada starting September 9. According to the company’s blog post about its upcoming launch, all pledges for Canadian projects will be made in… Read More