Swype Android keyboard out of beta, available in Google Play Store for $0.99

Swype’s Android keyboard is finally out of “beta” phase and now available to the masses. Swype, a Seattle-area startup that was acquired by Burlington, Mass.-based Nuance  for $102.5 million back in October 2011, has arrived in the Google Play Store. Previously, the keyboard that allows you to form words by dragging your finger from letter to letter… Read More


HP to sell Vioguard’s self-sanitizing computer keyboard

Less than a month after receiving FDA approval for its self-sanitizing keyboard, Vioguard today announced an agreement with Hewlett-Packard to market and sell the device through its HP’s healthcare technology group. The keyboard from the Kirkland-based startup can be retracted automatically into an enclosure to be bathed in germicidal ultraviolet light from two 25-watt fluorescent lamps. The… Read More