From Picnik to PicMonkey: How these entrepreneurs rebuilt one of Seattle’s hottest startups

When Google shut down the photo-editing site Picnik in early 2012, millions of users were left frustrated and angry. Some of Picnik’s original employees shared a similar sentiment. So, they packed up, bid adieu to the corporate world and quickly got to work recreating what was lost with a new service called PicMonkey. “Sixty million voices cried out when… Read More


Beyond stack rank: How Microsoft needs to change now

In the startup world, I’m prone to saying, “You can take the boy out of Microsoft, but not the Microsoft out of the boy.” This week I’ve been tracking the controversy around Microsoft’s abolition of the old stack-rank review system, and couldn’t help but have very strong feelings on the matter despite having left the company… Read More


5 things I learned while working on the original Xbox

[Editor's Note: With Microsoft preparing to unveil the third generation of the Xbox on Tuesday, we asked GeekWire Chairman Jonathan Sposato to share his lessons learned while working on the original Xbox games effort, in this installment of his Startup Jedi column.] Before Xbox was an entire division of hundreds, it started out as a… Read More

Jonathan Sposato

Jonathan Sposato leaves Google as Picnik winds down

Google closed the lid on Picnik last Friday, shutting down the popular online photo editing service that it acquired two years ago. With the decision, Picnik co-founder and former CEO Jonathan Sposato has stepped down from Google. His last day also was Friday. “I don’t know if this is the right analogy. But it is a… Read More

Vizify CEO and co-founder Todd Silverstein

Vizify scores $1.2M to turn your social networking chatter into beautiful visualizations

Maybe all of that incubation really does pay off. Vizify, a Portland startup that had the unique honor of participating in both the Portland Seed Fund and TechStars Seattle incubation programs, has landed $1.2 million in startup capital. Investors in the round include Voyager Capital’s Bill McAleer, BigDoor chief design officer Matt Shobe, Seattle super… Read More


Seattle super angels make house call to Silicon Valley’s PokitDok

Many Seattle entrepreneurs head south to Silicon Valley when raising financing, tapping into the region’s ranks of well-connected angels. But PokitDok, a Silicon Valley startup that just landed $450,000, took a more unusual course during its recent financing round. It knocked on doors in Seattle. Co-founder Lisa Maki, who actually grew up in tiny Indianola,… Read More


Jonathan Sposato: Why I’m on Team GeekWire

When you love the startup scene as much as I do, you want to breathe, eat, and sleep in that exciting universe. There are really only two things to do. First, you can launch a startup yourself. This I have done, and every time the experience has taught me about my own limits, stamina, and… Read More


Meet the other GeekWire partner: Jonathan Sposato

There’s another piece to the GeekWire story, and we’re excited to talk about it. When we launched this technology news startup a few weeks ago, we said we were happy to finally walk in the footsteps of the entrepreneurs we’ve been tracking all these years. As it turns out, we’re bringing an experienced and enthusiastic… Read More