Zillow was just an answer on Jeopardy! Can you answer these 5 other geeky questions?

Well, it looks like Zillow has finally made it. The Seattle online real estate company was the subject of a Jeopardy! answer Monday night. Appropriately enough, it occurred in a category dubbed “dot-com,” and a history professor from Cypress, Texas by the name of Babu Srinivasan nailed the $400 question. In fact, Srinivasan is probably a fan… Read More


A Jeopardy! win for Seattle technology journalist

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t fare so well on national television tonight, but another representative of our hometown did much better, completing a nice come-from-behind victory of his own. Glenn Fleishman, the Seattle-based technology journalist, was victorious in his first night on the Jeopardy! quiz show. He won the game during the Final Jeopardy round, correctly… Read More


Answer: This tech journalist is on Jeopardy! this week

Question: Who is Glenn Fleishman? He’s a longtime technology journalist based in Seattle, known for his work for the Seattle Times, Macworld, the Economist and many other publications, not to mention a highly entertaining and informative person to follow on Twitter. And he’s appearing on Jeopardy! this Thursday night, hoping to uphold a tradition of successful… Read More