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Amazon’s rapid expansion in Seattle continues with two more 12-story office buildings is expanding its Seattle footprint yet again. Vulcan, the investment arm of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is planning to build two 12-story office buildings for Amazon’s South Lake Union headquarters. The first building, which Vulcan calls “Amazon Phase VII,” will be 301,000 square-feet on the east side of 9th Ave. N. between Republican Street and Harrison… Read More


Jeff Bezos-backed 3D-printing company MakerBot acquired for $403M

Minnesota-based 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys today acquired MakerBot for $402 million based on Stratasys’ stock price in a deal that could accelerate the arrival of 3D printers to the mainstream market. It’s also good news for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who had invested in MakerBot during a $10 million round via his investment arm Bezos Expeditions…. Read More

Nick Hanauer

Early Amazon investor Nick Hanauer disappointed Amazon isn’t more civically engaged

Is doing enough to support its hometown? That question has been raised many times over the years, with local publications like The Stranger and The Seattle Times ripping the online retailer for essentially being a scrooge when it comes to corporate giving and engagement in Seattle. In a poll last year following The Seattle Times’ four-part… Read More


Amazon noticeably (and admirably?) absent from cyber-spying controversy

The revelations about the U.S. government’s cyber-spying program this week centered on reports that the NSA and the FBI are routinely accessing data from major tech companies to feed intelligence operations, leveraging the fact that much of the world’s online traffic flows through domestic servers. The reports by the Washington Post and the Guardian implicated companies including Microsoft, Apple,… Read More


Amazon knocks $20 off Kindle Fire HD for Father’s Day

From now until June 8, Amazon is discounting its Kindle Fire HD tablets by $20 for a Father’s Day sale. You can get $20 off the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD ($199), the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ ($269), or the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G ($399) by entering in the code “DADSFIRE” at checkout. That’s the price of the tablets with the “special offers”… Read More

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Bezos to Amazon shareholders: It’s not only Day One, ‘the alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet’

The official business at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting at Seattle Center this morning was quick and to the point, as shareholders re-elected Amazon’s board and rejected a shareholder proposal asking for more transparency in the company’s “politically motivated spending.” Then Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took to the podium for a broad overview of the company’s… Read More


Jeff Bezos grilled over violent games, movies during Amazon shareholder meeting

Amazon just wrapped up its annual meeting of shareholders at Seattle Center, with Jeff Bezos giving a broad overview of the company’s business and fielding questions from shareholders. But the hot-button issue during the Q&A wasn’t profit margins or taxes — it was the company’s policies about sales of violent games and movies. Three shareholders… Read More


Zuckerberg leads list of most-liked CEOs; Bezos’ approval rating soars and Ballmer is a no-show in top 50

Do you like the job your boss is doing? If you work at Facebook,,, EMC, SAP, Apple or Google, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. The CEOs of those tech titans each scored approval ratings above 90 percent in Glassdoor’s annual ranking of the top highest-rated CEOs. (Glassdoor bases its… Read More


‘Bezos Beep’ could replace the smartphone bump for mobile content sharing

Companies including Samsung have been promoting the practice of sharing content by bumping two devices together — transmitting photos, videos and other files from phone to phone using Near Field Communications. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a different plan. Let’s call it the Bezos Beep. A newly published patent application, listing the Amazon CEO as sole… Read More


New Amazon Kindle ad supports same-sex marriage

Amazon is out with a new Kindle ad, but the commercial’s most attention-getting message has little to do with the e-reader itself. Instead, it’s about gay marriage. Here’s what goes down in the 30-second spot: 1. Man on the beach has trouble using an iPad because of the glare. 2. Woman next to him, using a… Read More

interface artist

Why this guy hacked his Kindle to email Jeff Bezos

As part of the terms of use for Amazon Kindle devices, users grant the company permission to collect data including their bookmarks and the last page they’ve read. This information helps the company synchronize the reading experience across devices. It also feeds into advanced analytics that give Amazon insights into reading patterns across its user… Read More


Bezos on eBooks: Amazon is ‘now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting’ posted a 45 percent decline in quarterly profits this afternoon, but Jeff Bezos says one of the company’s biggest benefits is paying off, as digital books and the company’s Kindle business show significantly greater momentum than traditional books. “We’re now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting,” said Bezos in the company’s earnings news release…. Read More

Steve Ballmer

POLL: Do you like Steve Ballmer’s new haircut?

Breaking news: Steve Ballmer is bald. Just kidding about the breaking news part, unless you’re obsessed with keeping track of CEO’s and their haircuts. But for real, Microsoft’s CEO rocked a new haircut yesterday at the CES. In fact, he didn’t just get a haircut — he got all of his hairs cut. Linda Thomas… Read More


Qliance raises $8M, opens new clinic on Expedia campus

Qliance Medical, the Seattle health services startup backed by venture capitalist Nick Hanauer; Zillow Chairman Rich Barton; comedian Drew Carey; founder Jeff Bezos; and others, has raised $8.6 million in venture capital financing, GeekWire has learned. Total funding in Qliance now stands at $27.6 million, with the 50-person company possibly raising a little more… Read More