Which Jeff Bezos just bought The Washington Post?

William Randolph Hearst. Joseph Pulitzer. John S. Knight. Katharine Graham. And now … Jeff Bezos. Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos has emerged as the latest newspaper publisher with a $250 million purchase of The Washington Post, a deal which closed Tuesday when the Graham family signed over the assets of the paper to a private investment… Read More


Jeff Bezos explains the next step in Amazon’s strategy — the ‘hardest and coolest’ part

In a series of briefings with reporters this week at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, Jeff Bezos started by going to the white board and describing the company’s strategy in three steps. The first two were familiar to anyone who has been following the company closely. “Premium products @ non-premium prices.” “Make money when people use our… Read More


Jeff Bezos gives first interview since buying Washington Post, will use Amazon tactics for newspaper

Up until Monday evening, Jeff Bezos’ motivations for acquiring the Washington Post for $250 million were largely unknown. The newspaper even ran an epic profile of its soon-to-be owner three weeks ago, yet Bezos declined to be interviewed. But finally, just hours before his visit to the Post’s newsroom Tuesday morning, Amazon.com’s founder and CEO spoke with… Read More


What Bezos buying The Post teaches us about business threats

Jeff Bezos set off quite a bit of handwringing and soul-searching when he purchased The Washington Post earlier this month for $250 million, from the digital disruption and destruction of the media industry, to debate over exactly where the Amazon.com founder lives (in case “the other Washington” wasn’t clear enough), to the inevitable online shopping jokes. Clearly, owners of… Read More


Update: Amazon back online after 40-minute outage

Amazon.com is back up and running. We’ve updated this post with details. Original story: Online shoppers take notice: Amazon.com is down. This appears to have happened just before noon on Monday. We’re looking into this now, so check back for more updates. On Friday night, all of Google’s services went down for five minutes. The New York… Read More


A wild idea for Bezos and the Post: Develop a ‘Kindle Printer’ and shut down the main press

The economics of delivering a local newspaper to your doorstep just don’t make sense anymore. The reasons? Declining subscriber counts and increased competition from free content online. However, as expensive as it is to produce, there are certainly people who would rather consume their news in that traditional paper format. What if that fixed delivery… Read More


Bill Gates on Google’s Internet balloons; Contour hits the wall; and other comments of the week

The best comments, quotes, and random zingers we heard this week… “The Internet is transforming almost every element of the news business: shortening news cycles, eroding long-reliable revenue sources, and enabling new kinds of competition, some of which bear little or no news-gathering costs. There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not… Read More


Breaking: Jeff Bezos buying Washington Post for $250M

In a surprise move, Jeff Bezos has reached a deal to acquire the Washington Post Co.’s newspaper publishing business for $250 million, promising to give the Amazon founder ownership of one of the nation’s most storied journalistic institutions at a time of dramatic change for the traditional newspaper industry. The agreement was announced a few… Read More


Why is Jeff Bezos hanging out in Silicon Valley this summer?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not enjoying this beautiful Seattle summer. Instead, it appears Bezos is camped out in Silicon Valley helping some of his employees with new hardware devices. Sources tell Brad Stone from Businessweek that Bezos is heads-down in the Bay Area working with Amazon’s Lab126 hardware-focused unit. Lab126 is responsible for the design and… Read More