Here’s what to expect from Apple’s WWDC keynote

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference opens in San Francisco next week, and as always, Apple is kicking off its developer extravaganza with a big keynote presentation on Monday. It’s the company’s first major public event since the launch of the iPad Air last year, and it promises to hold some interesting developments for users of the… Read More


Apple exec Eddy Cue: ‘We’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple’

Eddy Cue is very optimistic about what Apple has in store for consumers later this year. Cue, who serves as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, told an audience at Re/code’s Code Conference tonight that he thinks consumers will like what the Cupertino-based tech company plans to unveil. “Later this year, we’ve… Read More


Dear Apple: Here’s what we want from iOS 8

If recent traditions hold, Apple will unveil the features of iOS 8 as a part of its keynote session at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco during the first week of June. We don’t know much about what’s coming in this year’s presentation, thanks to Apple’s culture of secrecy, but here are the biggest improvements I’d… Read More


GeekWire Radio: This 15-year-old iPhone stethoscope inventor is just getting started

It’s been a big month for Suman Mulumudi, 15-year-old inventor of the Steth IO smartphone-enabled stethoscope — with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, followed by a first place finish at the WTIA Spring First Look Forum. So who is this young entrepreneur, and what makes him tick? We’re pleased to welcome Suman as a guest on the… Read More


Smart address book Addappt expands to Android, adds new iPhone features

Addappt, a smart address book created by veterans of LinkedIn and Microsoft, rolled out a new version of its iPhone app today and expanded to Android — the latest steps in its attempt to address the age-old challenge of easily keeping contact information up to date. The app’s flagship feature is the ability for friends to update their information in your address… Read More


Apple reportedly planning to buy Beats for $3.2B

Apple is planning on buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion, according to reports from Bloomberg and the Financial Times. Beats, which was started by music legends Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, is responsible for a popular line of headphones, as well as its recently-launched Beats Music service. According to anonymous sources familiar with the deal, the… Read More


Android widens lead in U.S. smartphone market as BlackBerry continues to slip

After the buying extravaganza that took place over the holidays, the U.S. smartphone market has largely reached a quiet equilibrium while customers waited for manufacturers to release new phones. According to new results from ComScore, the market share of major players in the smartphone wars has remained largely unchanged from December through March. Android rose to… Read More


App of the Week: 4 Chords brings karaoke to guitar

You took guitar lessons as a kid, picked up the basic chords, and retained just enough that now, as an adult, you can play a few tunes with your kids. You’d like to continue playing and learning songs, but you don’t have time for lessons. So, your dusty six-string sits in the corner, getting dustier. Sound familiar? If so, our… Read More


Redfin’s updated iPhone app adds Facebook Messenger integration

Redfin plans a significant update to its iPhone app, aiming to improve how users share listings from the Seattle-based brokerage with their friends on Facebook. When users find a home they like inside Redfin’s app, they’ll be able to touch the app’s share button, and then tap “Send with Messenger.” That will open up a dialog which lets users punch in… Read More

Ilya Sukhar

F8: Facebook ties together mobile apps with new App Links service

SAN FRANCISCO – A new service from Facebook aims to make it easier for developers to create links between different mobile apps, allowing their users to switch more seamlessly from one app to another and back again. Called App Links, the an open source, cross-platform service was introduced at Facebook’s F8 conference today by Ilya Sukhar, the former CEO of… Read More

Three white iPhone 5S handsets displaying iOS 7

Apple smashes a few bugs with new iOS 7.1.1 update

Apple launched a new update for users of iOS devices today that’s designed to squash a few bugs still lingering in the company’s mobile operating system. iOS 7.1.1 includes more improvements to the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system in the iPhone 5s, so people who want to unlock their phone with a fingertip can do… Read More


App of the Week: Carousel takes Dropbox photos for a spin

Dropbox is one of the leading providers of consumer cloud storage, but the company’s bread and butter has been offering users a folder on their computer that syncs to the cloud. Dropbox’s service has branched out to allow app data syncing and automated camera uploads, but Dropbox’s core interface hasn’t gotten much better. Working through… Read More


Apple lands patent for bayonet-mounted iPhone lenses, similar to Seattle startup’s approach

Want to attach a 100mm lens to an iPhone? A new Apple patent suggests that official detachable lenses may be coming soon. The Cupertino-based company has won a patent that governs “Bayonet attachment mechanisms” for connecting an external lens to a smartphone. Most modern cameras with interchangeable lenses use bayonet mounts, which use a pair of… Read More

Starbucks app

iTunes bug delays new tipping app from Starbucks

Coffee drinkers will have at least a few more hours before they can start tipping their Starbucks barista from their iPhone. Seattle’s mega coffee chain promised the new app would go live in iTunes on Wednesday, but more than 24 hours later, the release has yet to arrive. Update: At around 10:45 a.m., some people started noticing… Read More

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 8.42.37 AM

Amazon launches mobile app for sellers

While Amazon has let people shop for goods on their mobile phones and tablets for some time, its tools for people who sell items through the site have lagged behind. Some third-party developers have offered Amazon sellers a way to use their mobile devices, like SellerMobile, but none of them have carried the Seattle-based retailer’s… Read More