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Apple releases iOS 7.0.6 to plug a security hole

Apple released iOS 7.0.6 today, which fixes a security problem with how iDevices handled SSL connection verification. For users who can’t upgrade to iOS 7 because of the age of their hardware, Apple has also released iOS 6.1.6, which fixes the same problem. It’s a small update, clocking in at 35.4 MB on my iPhone 5S… Read More


Facebook unveils new ‘Paper’ app, not to be confused with FiftyThree’s ‘Paper’ app

Ah, the wonderful world of technology product naming. Facebook this morning unveiled an immersive news-reading app called “Paper” that is, in many ways, an alternative user interface for Facebook itself. The first section in the app will be the user’s own Facebook news feed, followed by themed sections with content on a variety of topics. Users… Read More


Your latte, at risk? Starbucks challenged over mobile password security

[Follow-up: Starbucks updating iOS app to address ‘theoretical vulnerabilities’] Look out, the hackers may be coming after your morning cup of joe. Security experts are challenging Starbucks over the way passwords are stored in its widely used mobile payments app, saying that a lack of common security protocols makes it possible for a hacker with physical… Read More