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Google ‘would love’ to replace Microsoft as Yahoo partner

The whole Microsoft-Yahoo search saga has always felt like a soap opera, starting with Microsoft’s failed bid to acquire Yahoo in 2008, and continuing to the present-day shakiness of their search partnership. And here’s another potential plot twist. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and former chief executive, reportedly said during an appearance in Japan overnight… Read More


Microsoft Bing takes a chip out of Google’s giant lead

[Update: comScore changed its methods for collecting data in August, making the month-over-month comparisons invalid. The biggest change is in the combined total of Bing and Yahoo searches, as noted below.] Google’s share of the U.S. search market fell by 0.4 percentage points in the U.S. in August, while Microsoft Bing climbed by 0.2 percentage… Read More

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‘Bing it On’: Microsoft takes on Google in blind tests

Microsoft’s underdog search engine, Bing, is launching the equivalent of a blind taste test for the search industry today, inviting searchers to compare its results against those of Google on queries of their choice. The “Bing It On” challenge, available here, will be marketed heavily by Microsoft in a new ad campaign as a way… Read More


Search: Google boosts lead vs. Microsoft and Yahoo

New numbers from comScore Networks show Google pulling further ahead of Microsoft Bing and Yahoo in the U.S. search market in May, claiming its largest lead over its competitors since December 2010. Google climbed to 66.7 percent of the market during the month, according to the comScore numbers. That was an increase of just 0.2 percentage… Read More


Microsoft overhauls Bing with new ‘social sidebar,’ deepens Facebook ties

Microsoft today previewed a new version of its Bing search engine, with elements including a “social sidebar” that lets users quickly tap the knowledge of their Facebook friends for advice and information related to a search — getting new insights on everything from restaurants to travel spots. The overhaul is Microsoft’s latest effort to leverage its… Read More


Google keeps growing, and Yahoo slips further behind

Google got even bigger in the U.S. search market in February – holding the top spot with 66.4 percent of the market and getting close to a new peak, according to new numbers from comScore Networks. But the bigger story is playing out at the bottom of the charts, where Yahoo continues to slip further behind… Read More


Search by sketch: Microsoft seeks patent on ‘MindFinder’

It’s a little like playing Pictionary with a search engine — drawing a sketch and seeing if the algorithm can return pictures that match it. That’s the concept behind Microsoft Research’s “MindFinder” project, which was adapted last year for a Windows Phone app dubbed Sketch Match. The technology is detailed in a patent application made… Read More


Video: How social algorithms shape Microsoft’s msnNOW

Microsoft’s new msnNOW portal combines data from social networks and search, along with some editorial judgment, to provide a view of the stories and topics generating the most buzz in online communities. During a briefing today on Microsoft’s campus, hosted by chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie, the company’s demos included a behind-the-scenes glimpse… Read More


Microsoft Bing deepens Facebook integration with ‘Linked Pages’ feature

Microsoft’s Bing search engine today launched a new feature called “Linked Pages” that gives people more control over which websites are connected to them, leveraging Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook. The feature lets users authenticate themselves using their Facebook credentials, and then determine which pages and sites their profiles are linked to in Bing search results…. Read More


A banner year at Urbanspoon as foodies conduct millions of mobile restaurant searches

We’ve seen a number of high-profile online services get shuffled into the dust-bin of history in recent weeks after their corporate parents decided to pull the plug. (Namely Picnik, TeachStreet and Summify). But here’s a counter example. Urbanspoon, the Seattle-based online restaurant directory which was gobbled up by IAC in 2009, is alive and well…. Read More

officespace-featured44 finds new lease on life, launches in Portland is one of the oldest ongoing Internet businesses in the Seattle area, tracing its roots back to 1995. At the time (the same year launched), the company touted a new way for tenants and brokers to access “unbiased information on all buildings and available space in a particular market.” Fast forward to today, and… Read More


Google runs into backlash over latest search changes

Google made some substantial changes to its search engine this week, part of an initiative that it calls “Search Plus Your World” that incorporates results from users’ social networks, focusing heavily on its own Google+. So far it’s not proving very popular. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land this week posted a series of examples… Read More


Online real estate startup Estately expands in New York, adds Texas

Estately sometimes gets overshadowed in the online real estate industry by bigger consumer brands such as Redfin and Zillow. But the six-year-old Seattle upstart continues to push ahead, announcing today that it is expanding into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Westchester and Putnam counties of New York. The expansion comes after Estately didn’t open any… Read More


Startup Spotlight: 16-year-old Internet entrepreneur juggles school and startup life at Benelab

Jack Kim spends his days as a student at King’s High School in Shoreline, taking advanced placement courses in hopes of one day attending Stanford University. Then, after robotics team practice, homework assignments and a little nourishment, the 16-year-old gets to work on his non-profit Internet search startup, Benelab. The organization’s goal is to donate advertising dollars… Read More


Reports: Microsoft involved in bid for Yahoo stake

Microsoft is aiming to own a minority stake in Yahoo as part of a bid led by private equity firm Silver Lake, according to Bloomberg News and the New York Times. The consortium is offering as much as $3 billion for a 15 percent stake in the Internet company, Bloomberg says. No comment from Microsoft… Read More


Google+ opens to businesses, with link to Google search

Google today announced the long-awaited debut of pages for businesses on Google+, looking to boost the functionality of its fledgling social network and rival the utility of Facebook and Twitter for companies and brands. “So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships… Read More


Who did it better? Microsoft Bing vs. Google on Halloween

The two major search engines, Google and Microsoft Bing (does Yahoo count anymore?) outdid themselves on Halloween this year. Google’s 2011 Halloween Doodle was a fun time-lapse video of the Google Doodle team and friends carving a bunch of gigantic pumpkins — in the form of the company’s logo, of course. Microsoft Bing’s picture of… Read More


Microsoft idea: Search the Internet like a celebrity

How would Megan Fox search? Microsoft is seeking a patent on the concept of applying a “persona” to Internet search results — allowing people to see results shaped by the personalities and preferences of their friends or even Hollywood celebrities. The patent application cites the example of conducting a search under the persona of such… Read More


Sorry, Nirvana fans: Google smells like Muppet spirit

It’s the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s landmark Nevermind release, and the world is taking a moment to reflect. “The album would go on to usher in rock’s great renaissance, cause a seismic shift in popular culture, bring the underground to the mainstream and make unwilling stars out of three rather scruffy guys from the Pacific… Read More

Eric Schmidt

Excerpt: Google to cite Bing’s growth in antitrust defense

It will be a very interesting day for the technology industry in Washington, D.C., as the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing called, “The Power of Google: Serving Consumers or Threatening Competition?” — digging into the antitrust issues being explored by the FTC in its investigation of the search company. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive… Read More