Microsoft releases IE10 preview for Windows 7

If you wanted to try out Internet Explorer 10 but are holding off on Windows 8, Microsoft is answering your call. The Redmond software giant today released an IE10 preview for Windows 7 users. IE10 was previously only available on Windows 8. Last month, Microsoft blogged about this and followed up on its promise of… Read More


EU escalates Microsoft case, issues Windows 8 warning

The European Commission this morning took another step toward a possible fine against Microsoft and delivered a public warning to the company over a component of Windows 8, two days before the release of the new operating system. Antitrust regulators say they have reached a preliminary finding that Microsoft failed to comply with its promises under… Read More


Microsoft holds its ground as big advertisers blast IE10′s default privacy settings

Microsoft’s decision to prevent Internet Explorer 10 users from being tracked online, by default, is getting an extraordinary response from some of the world’s largest advertisers, in the form of a letter to the Redmond company this week from the Association of National Advertisers, objecting to to the plan. The letter was signed by representatives of… Read More


Report: EU preps complaint vs. Microsoft over Windows screwup

Microsoft is in hot water in Europe, again, after failing to include a required browser “ballot” in Windows 7 for the better part of last year. Bloomberg News reports today that European regulators are preparing a complaint against the company, formally known as a statement of objections, as a possible prelude to additional antitrust fines. EU… Read More


Is that a PC inside your Atari 2600? Well, yes, it is

Building on the recent Internet Explorer/Atari link up, in which they built eight classic Atari games using HTML5, Hard Drives Northwest has created a limited number of Atari 2600 consoles retrofitted with modern PC internals. And just look at them—time warp!  Bellevue’s Hard Drives Northwest repurposed many of the original functions, so watch that “game reset” switch—now it’s hooked… Read More


Pulse news site shows potential of Microsoft’s IE10

Pulse, the popular news app for iPad, iPhone and Android, released a new version of its service for the web today, working with Microsoft to provide a glimpse of the potential for the new Internet Explorer 10 browser, particularly on touch-enabled Windows machines. Microsoft points to the site as an example of apps transitioning back… Read More


Is Internet Explorer up or down? Microsoft and research firm in stat spat

Web analytics firm StatCounter, which has been reporting a steady decline in Internet Explorer market share, has issued an extensive defense of its research techniques in an open letter to Microsoft’s Roger Capriotti, the IE product marketing director who previously challenged the research company’s statistical methods. StatCounter contends that its numbers are a more accurate… Read More


Chrome passes Internet Explorer, but can the stats be believed?

Google’s Chrome has surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the world’s most widely used browser, according to the latest numbers from StatCounter. The trend shows a steady decline for IE over the past year overall, and a strong increase for Chrome, with more than 32 percent market share. However, separate stats from NetApplications for the desktop… Read More


Researchers: Internet Explorer declines have ‘stabilized’

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser has seen its overall market share decline from upwards of 90 percent a decade ago to something closer to 50 percent today, with the specific numbers varying depending on which market research firm is doing the counting. But the last few months show IE’s decline ending and even starting to… Read More


Google: Microsoft’s IE gotcha based on outdated, little-used privacy protocol

Google has issued a detailed rebuttal to Microsoft’s claims that Google is sidestepping a privacy protection in Internet Explorer. The search company says Microsoft neglected to mention that the IE protocol Google is accused of circumventing is outdated, impractical and also ignored by many other websites. Google also notes that has long been transparent about… Read More


As IE falls overall, Microsoft touts IE9 gains on Windows 7

Internet Explorer’s overall market share, which stood at more than 90 percent seven years ago, fell again in December 2011 and appears poised to dip below 50 percent across all computers sometime in 2012, according to the latest NetMarketShare numbers. However, in its own public observations, Microsoft is continuing its practice of focusing exclusively on… Read More


Microsoft plans true auto updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to streamline the way Internet Explorer is upgraded through its Windows Update process, aiming to move more PC users to the latest version of its web browser, even if they don’t actively decide to make the upgrade. Updates to Internet Explorer are already distributed to users who have opted to receive important updates… Read More


Microsoft on board with Upgrade Your Parents’ Browser Day

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known for shopping, but Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic this week suggested an alternative purpose: quietly dumping the ancient Internet Explorer 6 from your parents’ computers while visiting home for the holidays, in the interest of making the web more secure for everyone. For Microsoft, this suggestion brings both risk… Read More


Microsoft offers holiday freebies to boost IE9 usage

Microsoft has rolled out a new holiday promotional campaign that aims, in part, to get people on Windows 7 to use Internet Explorer 9 rather than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers. As reported overnight by winbeta, the IE9 holiday campaign offers discounts and promotions such as three free months of Slacker Premium Radio,… Read More


IE9 share tops 20% on Windows 7 even as IE usage slips overall

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser is now used on more than 20 percent of PCs running Windows 7 worldwide, outpacing the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox counterparts. Microsoft’s IE team noted the milestone in a blog post last night, citing the latest market research from Net Applications. The numbers are even higher in the U.S.,… Read More


Firefox releases get smaller, as do Internet Explorer cakes

Mozilla debuted Firefox 6 today, less than two months after coming out with Firefox 5. The new rapid release schedule might seem to create a dilemma for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team, which had instituted a tradition of sending a congratulatory cake to the Mozilla team back when the gap between Firefox versions was considerably longer. But Microsoft has solved… Read More


Good news, IE users: Media flunked IQ test, not you

[Update, 10:50 a.m.: The people behind "AptiQuant" now admit the study was a hoax, saying it "was all meant to be a lighthearted joke." They say their real business is a comparison shopping website.] Remember all those news reports last week about a study showing users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser scoring significantly lower on IQ… Read More


Stats: Chrome, Safari gain on Internet Explorer and Firefox

Overall usage of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox fell slightly in July, while Google Chrome and Apple Safari both posted modest gains, according to numbers tracked by Net Applications. The numbers are notable in part because they reflect the first full-month measure of the market since Firefox shifted to a new rapid release cycle. IE… Read More


The Internet Explorer IQ test: Come on, we’re not that dumb

A study released this past week by AptiQuant, a Vancouver, B.C., “psychometric consulting” company, found that Internet Explorer users, on average, scored lower on IQ tests than users of other browsers did. Users of older versions of Internet Explorer — IE 6 and IE 7 — fared particularly poorly, with average IQ scores in the 80s…. Read More


Microsoft issues new Internet Explorer 10 tech preview

Microsoft today released a new preview of the technology going into Internet Explorer 10, the next version of its web browser, including capabilities designed to make web applications work more like traditional PC desktop programs. The preview, available via the Internet Explorer Test Drive site, includes technology for dragging and dropping objects around a web… Read More