Two thumbs up 2.0: How social media affects our behavior at the movie theater

Social media tools are changing the movie theater experience before, during and after seeing a flick on the big screen. Nielsen’s annual American Moviegoing report shows specifically how moviegoers are interacting with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Before deciding which movie to see, 40 percent of those polled said they value recommendations they see posted by… Read More


Instapiration: Skedadel uses Instagram photos to help recommend things to do, places to see

Discovery apps like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Foursquare have proven useful to millions of people, but Peter Boctor sees a problem with them. While text reviews on those platforms include positive experiences, they also force users to comb through negative opinions. For people just looking for a great restaurant or nice bar to hang out at, visuals… Read More


Finally: Instagram, Vine apps coming to Windows Phone

Windows Phone owners will soon be able to share all the 7-second videos and filtered photos they could ever want. Stephen Elop just announced at Nokia World that the official Instagram and Vine apps will arrive “in the coming weeks.” The announcement addresses a longstanding complaint about Windows Phone. The lack of an official Instagram… Read More


You can’t opt out of auto-playing Instagram video on mobile anymore, but here’s how to spare your wallet

When you next open up Instagram on your smartphone, there might be a video already playing for you. In an update released today, Facebook removed the toggle that prevented videos from autoplaying in the Instagram apps for iOS and Android. If that’s functionality you weren’t interested in to begin with, tough luck–there’s no way out…. Read More


Hey, Instagram users: Get ready for advertisements

Just as Twitter revealed its IPO Thursday afternoon, Facebook-owned Instagram thought it’d be a nice time to drop a little news of its own. In short, advertisements are coming to your Instagram feeds. As a “growing company,” Instagram penned a blog post today detailing its plans for ads that will be in the form of “a… Read More

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AWS server issues take down Instagram, Airbnb, Flipboard

People posting photos, recording videos, making room reservations and reading the news on Sunday afternoon had to take a break for a few hours as an Amazon Web Services outage took down several popular websites. Sites like Instagram, Airbnb, Vine and Flipboard all went out of service for a short period on Sunday due to… Read More


These five brands are kicking ass with Instagram video

It’s been about two weeks since Instagram unveiled its 15-second video feature and the response has been excellent for the Facebook-owned media-sharing platform. Less than 24 hours after its debut, more than five million videos had been posted, while it appears that Instagram is already pushing Twitter-owned Vine out of the social media landscape. Some, though, certainly… Read More


Instagram debuts 15-second video feature, complete with filters and editing

Facebook-owned Instagram today launched a new video feature that will allow users to record 15-second clips, edit them with 13 new filters and share the motion pictures with all their friends. It’s essentially what Instagram does for photo-sharing, but now with videos. There’s also a new “Cinema” feature that stabilizes video for iPhone users. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom… Read More


You can now use #hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags are coming to Facebook, as the social media giant announced today that it has added support for phrases with “#” placed in front, a technique made popular by Twitter. Similar to how they operate on other social media hubs like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, hashtagged words will now be clickable in Facebook news feeds. By… Read More


Instagram hits 100M user mark 28 months after launch

Instagram, welcome to the 100 million club. The Facebook-owned photo sharing social network announced today that two-and-a-half years after launch, Instagram has surpassed the 100 million user mark. Co-founder Kevin Systrom penned a blog post on the milestone, thanking users and writing about Instagram’s early days inside a frigid San Francisco office when he and… Read More


The 10 social media tools that every startup must have

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. With the revolution has come insane amounts of data, analytics and information about customers, followers and users. How can companies leverage this social media data in ways to help analyze parts of their business? That’s part of what Andy Boyer included in his talk about social media… Read More

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Calm down, people: Instagram isn’t selling your souls

One of the bigger tech stories going on right now is the whirlwind Instagram created with its new polices that claim the right to sell your photos without payment or notification. Or at least that’s what thousands of angry people thought. However, it looks like there was a little misinterpretation. The Verge pointed this out… Read More