Infographic: There’s a career for everyone at Microsoft

From the Surface to social to SkyDrive, there’s a little something for everyone at Microsoft. That’s at least according this neat infographic post that shows everything going on at Microsoft and how its products/services intertwine with each other. It appeared on the “Next at Microsoft” blog that’s edited by Steve Clayton, who just appeared on our weekly podcast… Read More

Flickr photo via Djwings

TechStars ruins your sex life

What happens when you lock a bunch of computer nerds in a room for 90-days and encourage them to create new startup companies? Well, for one thing, they stop having sex. That’s one of the findings in a new infographic (yeah, sounds kind of dirty considering the topic, doesn’t it?) produced by TechStars’ participants Vizify… Read More


Mac users are vegetarians: PC users eat fries at McDonald’s

Would you rather drive a Harley or a Vespa? Your answer may predict your computer habits. did a user-based survey and it turns out stereotypes propagated in Mac’s old “Get a Mac” commercials aren’t far from the truth. Hunch asked its users a wide range of questions– everything from food and drink preferences to personality traits…. Read More