Microsoft plans true auto updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to streamline the way Internet Explorer is upgraded through its Windows Update process, aiming to move more PC users to the latest version of its web browser, even if they don’t actively decide to make the upgrade. Updates to Internet Explorer are already distributed to users who have opted to receive important updates… Read More


IE9 share tops 20% on Windows 7 even as IE usage slips overall

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser is now used on more than 20 percent of PCs running Windows 7 worldwide, outpacing the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox counterparts. Microsoft’s IE team noted the milestone in a blog post last night, citing the latest market research from Net Applications. The numbers are even higher in the U.S.,… Read More


Photo of the Day: Internet Explorer Gets New Windows

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has been making a point lately of trying to stick to a steady schedule for updates. Turns out the new attitude applies to more than the browser itself. Just this week, the company announced the first platform preview for Internet Explorer 10, the next release of the browser. And already the… Read More


Microsoft’s IE team: Pay no attention to those stats … yet

Much has been made over the past week about Firefox 4 trouncing Internet Explorer 9 in total downloads since the new browsers were released. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team is cautioning that it’s too early to make comparisons. In a post on the Windows blog, Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin points out that the company hasn’t started… Read More


Firefox: Something fishy about Microsoft’s IE9 aquarium

Since its earliest previews of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has been pointing to its IE9 Test Drive site for demos of speed, graphics and other aspects of browser performance. IE9 performs extremely well in the demos, and in many cases the results look almost embarrassing for Firefox and Chrome. So what’s going on behind the… Read More


Firefox 4 soars, thanks to Microsoft’s luddite customers

Maybe it’s time for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team to reconsider that whole Windows XP thing? Firefox 4 clocked about 5 million downloads on its first day and is fast approaching has already topped 7 million this morning, as the new browser from Mozilla attracts huge interest from around the world. That doesn’t match the record-breaking… Read More