Microsoft holds its ground as big advertisers blast IE10′s default privacy settings

Microsoft’s decision to prevent Internet Explorer 10 users from being tracked online, by default, is getting an extraordinary response from some of the world’s largest advertisers, in the form of a letter to the Redmond company this week from the Association of National Advertisers, objecting to to the plan. The letter was signed by representatives of… Read More


Pulse news site shows potential of Microsoft’s IE10

Pulse, the popular news app for iPad, iPhone and Android, released a new version of its service for the web today, working with Microsoft to provide a glimpse of the potential for the new Internet Explorer 10 browser, particularly on touch-enabled Windows machines. Microsoft points to the site as an example of apps transitioning back… Read More


Microsoft issues new Internet Explorer 10 tech preview

Microsoft today released a new preview of the technology going into Internet Explorer 10, the next version of its web browser, including capabilities designed to make web applications work more like traditional PC desktop programs. The preview, available via the Internet Explorer Test Drive site, includes technology for dragging and dropping objects around a web… Read More


Photo of the Day: Internet Explorer Gets New Windows

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team has been making a point lately of trying to stick to a steady schedule for updates. Turns out the new attitude applies to more than the browser itself. Just this week, the company announced the first platform preview for Internet Explorer 10, the next release of the browser. And already the… Read More


IE10? Yep, Microsoft gives early preview of next browser

Fresh off the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft this morning gave the first small glimpse of its plans for the next version of the browser, previewing some of the technologies planned for Internet Explorer 10. For now, at least, it’s the type of stuff that only hard-core webheads will appreciate — namely, new support… Read More