Watson has an API: IBM takes Jeopardy champ to the cloud

IBM announced today that it’s opening up partnerships for developers to work with Watson, its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer. What made it possible for Watson to beat Jeopardy champions like Seattle’s Ken Jennings wasn’t just its processing power, but its ability to learn from natural language. Now, it’s possible for companies to harness that capability by partnering… Read More


Amazon livid over decision to re-open bidding for $600 million CIA contract’s federal complaint over a $600 million contract to provide cloud computing services to the Central Intelligence Agency was made public today and shows how strongly the Seattle online giant believes it deserves to provide its services to the government. Back in March, it appeared Amazon had hit a home run with the CIA cloud computing deal, but IBM —… Read More


Cray-Z speed: Meet the world’s fastest supercomputer from Seattle-based Cray

We wrote about the latest supercomputer creation from Seattle-based Cray a few weeks ago, and now it’s official: Titan is the world’s fastest computer. Titan, an open science computer located at the U.S Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, took first place in the Top500 list of the fastest supercomputers that was released today at the SC12… Read More


SpaceCurve raises $2.7M for ‘big data’ service, names CEO

SpaceCurve, a Seattle startup that’s developing new ways to analyze location-based services, social media chatter and other information, has raised $2.7 million and named John Slitz as CEO. Investors in the round, a portion of which was previously reported by GeekWire, include Reed Elsevier Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Musea Ventures and others. Slitz is the former… Read More


Stats: iPad rules as mobile shopping rises on Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a day for opening gifts, not buying more stuff, but that appears to be changing thanks to our increasingly mobile and connected world. New statistics from IBM’s retail tracking service provide clues about how we spent our Sunday on the couch. Here’s the rundown. Online sales grew by 16.4 percent over Christmas… Read More


Guest Post: Is Seattle the center of supercomputing?

Supercomputers were once the exclusive province of government spy agencies, research labs and academics. The top computer makers were the only vendors. Things have changed since Seymour Cray introduced the first machine at Control Data in 1965. One of the biggest changes is how many of the vendors are now in the Seattle area. With… Read More


Chart of the Week: IBM > MSFT

Apple made headlines when it surpassed Microsoft in market value, the stock market’s measure of a company’s overall worth. And now it’s IBM’s turn. The venerable technology company overtook Microsoft in market value for the first time since 1996 yesterday, based on closing share prices, according to Bloomberg News, which has a detailed analysis of… Read More


IBM is now bigger than Microsoft (at least in market value)

Microsoft rose to prominence in the early 1980s, largely based on a deal to brings its operating system to IBM computers. Microsoft later became the largest software maker in the world. And IBM? It missed one of biggest shifts in tech. But things change. And now, in an amazing twist, IBM has surpassed Microsoft in… Read More


Q&A: ‘Final Jeopardy’ author Stephen Baker on Watson, IBM, the future of e-books and the fate of humanity

Stephen Baker is the journalist and author who traced IBM’s Watson project from its inception and development all the way through its TV duel with Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter on Jeopardy earlier this year. He’s in Seattle this week as part of a tour for his book, “Final Jeopardy” – speaking on the Microsoft campus… Read More